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Thread: Posted at entrance to my local Smoke Shop

  1. I would say that anyone thinking of robbing that store will look for another one without a posting like that.


  3. Re: Posted at entrance to my local Smoke Shop

    OC is technically legal on Ohio but be prepared to be hassled every 15 minutes by a PO showing up to check out MWAG calls. My area of Ohio is just a tad liberal (read: most cars only make turns to the left) and quite a few businesses are CPZs, so this family decided to proudly let criminals know that thar be no sheeple here.

  4. The Peoples Socialsist Paradise of MA. has already legalized possesion of "small" amounts of cannibis...How about anything up to and including 1 OZ.!...anything over,then you are in guess is one would get fined...anything short of murder is covered by a fine up there....can't buy a gun without jumping through 7 hoops of hell,but one can buy there dope no problem...THANK GOD I got the heck out of that state!

  5. I'm all for gun rights, but I'm also for the legalization of cannibis. I haven't smoked before, and I'm sure even if the entire US legalized pot, it would still be illegal in the military for a long time.

    Other drugs, like heroin, crack, and meth, should remain illegal. They have been proven to be extremely dangerous, and the people are dangerous while on it. Pot on the other hand, has been proven to have medicinal qualities, is not physically addictive like tobacco, and the worst behavior I've ever seen someone who's on pot, is eating junk food and watching bad movies. Laws regulating pot like tobacco and alcohol should work fairly well. Don't smoke and drive, don't show up to work with effects in your system, etc.

    I know the legalization of pot is a fairly liberal movement. Maybe we can get some compromises among our law makers.

    Liberal: "I'll agree to full carry rights in the state if you agree to the legalization of cannibis."
    Conservative: "Well bargained and done."

    EDIT: I didn't want to post something quite that off-topic. That sign is great, and if more businesses take that kind of approach, they will definitely get my business.

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    I would go in that store just to sniff around. Don't smoke, but love the smell of fresh tobacco - not burning, of course!

    As far as pot goes, yes I believe it is coming, and marijuana legalization will have a remarkably insignificant effect on anything. It just went through a longer prohibition. Employers will no more allow you to get high on the job than they allow drinking on the job now. The consequences and penalties for driving under the influence will not change because it is being caused by something other than alcohol. The government will take advantage of another great source of tax revenue.

    Life goes on...

  7. Restrictive Gun Laws !

    I can't agree more . I used to live in Chicago ( long time ago-hand guns were legal, even my old mans company had handguns for some reason lots of them Bally's Mfg. ( pinball, Pac Man slot machines ) early 70's he had to register them with City Of Chicago . Funny other then organized there was little or no crime in Chi Town ! Many of neighbors did'nt even lock doors . Funny how liberals thought doing away with firearms would make for no crime ! I thought you would find the history intresting . You probably will not find another person to tell you that at the time a major corporation had handguns. Most of top management were WWII Vets ! Even though my old man wouldn't allow me to have a gun until I moved out . He said he did not see a need for one. Funny after he moved to a rural area of Wisconsen about 10 years later when 2 hunters on his land told him where to go did he change his mind . Maybe that is what the liberals need to experience ?

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