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Thread: Concealed Carry without Permit Bill Signed by Governor

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Thanks Bohemian - I don't feel the training should be a disqualifier (maybe that wasn't clear) and you have some good ideas here. And I will say that in my CHL class a lady who had shot a .22 rifle the week before (first time she had shot any gun she said) rented a semi-auto pistol, got some coaching from the instructor, and passed the shooting test.
    And I discovered that the avg LEO down here hits the target about 18% of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post
    I previously suggested either on this forum or elsewhere on a related subject; that while mandating any kind of training should not be allowed period...

    IT can be encouraged in such a way that you can just about guarantee it occurring...

    Such as...

    • Tax Break For FFL Dealers whom provide a optional beginning training program.
    • Tax Break for individuals purchasing a weapon and attending a optional beginning training program in advance.
    • Tax Break For FFL Dealers whom provide a optional intermediate-advanced training program.
    • Tax Break for individuals purchasing a weapon and attending a optional intermediate-advanced training program following purchase of said weapon(s).
    • FFL Dealers whom are so small that they cannot provide such training can work out deals with qualified individuals whom do run such training/facilities.

    On a related note, no amount of training can guarantee how said individual will actually perform in a shoot-out so to speak...

    E.G.: in my recent CCW renewal class, I watched a documentary where the statistics demonstrated that police officers nationwide carried an average of 15 round capacity handguns and fired an average of 18 rounds per engagement (shootout) and averaged 3 non-fatal hits per incident...

    Additionally, I think it was last year I personally saw on a live news feed where this bank robber in Missouri or somewhere thereabouts lead the cops on a chase and got stuck in traffic; he was surrounded by 5 police officers at point blank range whom had weapons drawn and aimed and he drew down on them; they fired some 20 odd rounds and hit him 3 times non-fatally...

    These guys could not hit the broad side of a barn...

    In the USMC I fired 1000's of rounds a month, and now-a-days in retirement, I run at least the recommended minimum 200 rounds a month through every hand-gun I wish to remain proficient with...
    I add a twist of doing it with each hand...
    Bo, you know I stand right there with you as per "...shall not be infringed", period. However, if these tax breaks are provided to encourage training, are we not letting the camel stick its nose under the tent, yet again? Tax breaks given are easily converted to tax breaks taken away, with concomittant further regulation. Just a thought.

    Training is the issue. I have long posted on this and agree with JSD that I want more assurance that people can hit what they're shooting at, and not me. I often am a bit discomfited at the people who post: "Yay, I got my permit!" which sometimes sounds to me like: "Oh, wow, I can carry a gun!". They rarely mention any serious training which they might have received, which tends to make me think they haven't received any.

    So, let's look in the mirror, here. How many of us have borne the expense of serious training? I don't mean the minimal CCW stuff, but real defensive and tactical training. I have admitted earlier that I carried for years with no formal training. Eventually I did incur the expense and boy, was I surprised at what I didn't know.

    I think "peer pressure" might be the way to go, here. Get training yourself and then encourage other carriers to do the same. The pride, confidence, and comfort with arms that you have should be apparent to others. Just my feeble opinion.
    Prov. 27:3 - "Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both"

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    I have been looking into 'training' classes too, because while I practice, and can maintain a 4-5" pattern at 50 ft with my G35, I am not sure I am doing it correctly or that it can't be improved.
    Also good points JJ.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Training? How do we get people to train? Mandatory training to own? Tax breaks to those who offer classes with a firearm purchase?

    Um, what happened to PEER Pressure? We expend more time and money on our yards than we may actually want, just because of our neighbor's (or spouse's) opinions. We buy cars, clothes, furniture, home decor, all with some level of gentle, sometimes humorous influence from commercials and magazine ads. Some started drinking and/or smoking because of peer pressure. Some quit because of the same influence. Why wouldn't the same things start gun owners into training?

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    You have just verified what I have always heard..that police are notoriously bad shots. LOL! I guess that's why when an incident is happening, you see 20 cars respond to the same incident. They want help in shooting! LOL!!

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