Does the newAZ CC law apply to non-residents as well?
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Thread: Does the newAZ CC law apply to non-residents as well?

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    Does the newAZ CC law apply to non-residents as well?

    I'm a frequent visitor to AZ ~ may I carry there? (I do have a Maine permit, which is recognized by AZ, but just wanted to clarify...)

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    Here is the bill...

    AZ SB 1108

    I'm not sure I really understand it myself...seems they will still issue permits...and still have reciprocity....where does it say no permit is required?

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    Post Az sb 1108

    The operative provisions of SB 1108 removing the permit requirement are close to the beginning, in section 13-3102(A)(1)-(2). The bill eliminates the permit requirement and replaces it with 3 new requirements: a prohibition on concealed carry by individuals under 21 (not new law since the permitting law had the same minimum age), a duty to truthfully respond to a law-enforcement officer's question about whether a person is legally carrying a weapon, and (3) a new offense for carrying a concealed weapon in the commission of a felony.

    FYI, yes, the right to carry without a permit does not discriminate upon the basis of state of residence.
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