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Thread: S.C. carry question for CWPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubs View Post
    Supposedly, this law is based on whether the establishment has sales of 50% or more of alcohol based on revenue. Still, as a non-drinker, it sux!
    Nope, not in SC. It is based 100% on any sale of alcohol for consumption within the establishment.

    Regarding consumption on a golf course, it is not a restaurant or bar, so you are good to go (just like on any beach or park where drinking is legal).

    I can't wait for the legislature to modify or get rid of the restaurant clause!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubs View Post
    Supposedly, this law is based on whether the establishment has sales of 50% or more of alcohol based on revenue. Still, as a non-drinker, it sux!
    No, not in SC. Also note that in SC there is no legal definition of a bar. A liquor licence can only be issued to a private club, restaurant, or hotel.

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    If I don't see a sign saying they sell alcohol I won't know. I'll never ask because I don't drink. They don't use metal detectors. It's better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldbanjo View Post
    It's better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.
    Amen oldBanjo, sooner be handcuffed and signing a bail ticket then laying flat having a toe tag applied.

    I don't drink so I really don't know or care if the establishment serves alcohol. Unless they have a NO CC sign (Legal size/shape) and or blatant advertising concerning alcoholic beverages outside the business. I treat a restaurant as a restaurant.

    Lots of Asian places getting hit in the Charleston area. Just cannot be sure anymore. Sooner have and not need than desperately need and not have!
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    If a place of business has a sign, I won't go in but one day I needed something from a music store, the store had a sign, I told my girlfriend to go in and tell them what I needed and tell them that I couldn't go in because of my gun. They came to the door and told me to come on in. The grocery store that I always use had a sign, I talked to the Manger and stopped shopping there, within a month the sign was taken down. Today everyone needs to make money, these stores with signs would probably remove a sign rather than loose a sell.

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    If there is one place at one time that I would like to be CC it is 10PM as I walk to my car after a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. Daylight anywhere I go means very little to me in the way of safety and I rarely CC, although I will keep it in car; IMO, car rage is more certain than being accosted during daylight hours--situational awareness takes care of most daylight circumstances for me and makes me feel secure. I sure hope they can find a way to allow restaurant carry even if it means no drinks at all for the CC to be allowed.

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    I took a CWP class in July and the instructor specifically mentioned that were alcohol is sold for consumption a CCW is not allowed. Like others here I'm bummed cause 1. I don't drink and 2. I eat at restaurants a lot for business or with family.

    Hopefully this will change in the future.

    also, for other businesses the sign has to be legit for it to be binding. See here for legit sign examples - Post an image of the legal - No Concealed Weapons sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigspurr View Post
    I hate this law because I do not drink alcohol .
    Same here...
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    For fifty years I've traveled the Eastern US, my method of family protection hasn't changed sense then, the only difference is that I can legally carry CC in some places. I"II SAY NO MORE.......

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    Hey oldbanjo: I can sense where you are coming from and understand and support it fully. Having said that if you should god forbid be in a position where you have to actually use your firearm and injure or kill the perp, you may get away with it legally if you have a sympathetic judge/jury who understand you or family were in imminent danger of life or great bodily injury but a civil case will prove to be different. That does not change the fact that you may have saved yourself and your family from the danger and that is No.1 on your list, but be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. Bottom line though, is the law is stupid the way it is written--it is intended to stop the drunken brawls with CCers that get out of hand. All they have to do for a black and white solution is "if you are CC you cannot drink" period/end of story. They have now given you a responsibility and if you still want to be irresponsible and drink, you should be required to pay the piper legally and civilly.

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