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Thread: S.C. carry question for CWPs

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    Bottom line though, is the law is stupid the way it is written--it is intended to stop the drunken brawls with CCers that get out of hand. All they have to do for a black and white solution is "if you are CC you cannot drink" period/end of story. They have now given you a responsibility and if you still want to be irresponsible and drink, you should be required to pay the piper legally and civilly.
    Why not just enforce the laws on the books against assault, rape, murder, and robbing convenience stores?

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    Kelcarry, the only reason that the States are even allowing us to carry is because the crime rate went out of sight in 1991, the Police could not handle everything by themselves. The problem isn't that someone with a gun might drink, the problem is more likely that a drunk might start the fight and take your gun. A gun should not be around a bar. I don't consider a restaurant a bar. In this County for a crime short of killing someone you will be turned loose. A Felon with a Mobile Meth Lab in his Vehicle, Stealing, running from Police, no license, guns in his house was turned loose. I know that for a fact. This same person gets arrested every two years or so. There is something wrong with our laws, and I trust no one. All you can do is cover your own butt and hope nothing ever happens.

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    Hey G50 and oldbanjo: No arguments from me on what both of you have said in recent replies. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world and laws that are made by men can easily be ignored and twisted by men for bad reasons. They are still the law and everyone still has a responsibility to follow same---when you decide to interpret them for what may very well be very good reasons (and I fully understand what oldbanjo is saying), you should be aware that there may be consequences.

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