Looking for a holster for my S&W SW40VE Sigma
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Thread: Looking for a holster for my S&W SW40VE Sigma

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    Looking for a holster for my S&W SW40VE Sigma

    Looking for a new concealed carry holster for my S&W Sigma SW40VE. I have no idea what i am really looking for, after searching google i come up with all kinds of results and i don't know whats good and whats not.

    Price is a bit of a concern so i can't afford something super expensive, but without a set budget in mind what would you guys recommend to me?

    I was recommend a Kholster in the past, can i do any better than that for $50?

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    wolfhunter Guest
    I'd recommend the CrossBreed Supertuck, but it's $69

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    $69 is a stretch but if i can wait i would like to get a good one.

    Are these really expensive belts necessary when using a good holster?

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Many problems reported about a holster are actually related to the use of a lesser belt. I've used an Uncle Mike's Instructor belt for 2 years now without a problem, but a good stiff leather belt will do just fine.

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    ive heard 5.11 tactical makes a good belt and they are $15-$30 bucks. also its not the best for concealed carry , but they will work is a blackhawk serpa. i love mine, but it works better as a duty setup. awesome holster tho for the price. think i payed 35 for it. i also just ordered a crossbreed supertuck, but its not here yet.....

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    I just got a Kholster for my Sigma and already like it. Wore it today with my carpenters tool belt, no problems. I looked at the Supertuck and I think they're very similar in function. Kholster is cheaper and has the same warranty. (lifetime)

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    Check out donhume.com. They make very good holsters for a reasonable price. Good selection and they just may have exactly what you are looking for.
    Why are you worried about holding up the targets for me? It' s a 9mm!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    I'd recommend the CrossBreed Supertuck, but it's $69
    Gotta agree with the supertuck. Ya gotta have a good belt too. They also sell gun belts. Don't cheap on something that may save your life.

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    I still have some time left, i already took my CCDW class for Kentucky, i still have a long wait to receive my certificate in the mail and then pony up the $60 for the county and then wait another 3 months to receive my permit by mail.

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    Okay guys how about comparing the Crossbreed supertuck deluxe to the Kholster full moon?

    Is the Crossbreed really worth the extra $30?

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