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Thread: Best pocket gun with a safety

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Dave View Post
    Think revolver. The safety is located between your ears.
    Have to agree with Dr Dave...when I need to carry and need something small due to dress, etc. I carry my Taurus 850UL with +P ammo in it

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    Have KelTec 380, Berrata 32, and compact glocks, but I also prefer a carry gun with a safety. I purchased a Walther PPK 380 and it is far and away my favorite carry Gun. I like to take people shooting, (and very often first time shooters) and almost without exception, they lfall in love with and prefer the weight, feel, and accuracy of the Walther over all of my other guns. As regards a gun with a safety taking more time or the user forgetting to take the safety off, I believe that is a matter of experience and thought. I am sure there will be other opinions, but I would encourage you to shoot the Walther 380 and carry it for a few weeks and make your own decision if it is as good as I feel it is..


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    I have two pocket .380's: a Sig P238 and a Ruger LCP. The Sig is a 1911 style, minus the grip safety. The Sigs are pricey but, of all the .380's, it most resembles your Kimber.

    Sig P238 link Products & Services

    I too worried about the LCP in a pocket when I first bought it. My .02 cents is that there are two keys to pocket carry. The first is a pocket holster that completely covers the trigger while the gun is in the pocket. This will increase your comfort level (and reduce lint in the barrel). The second is to practice drawing from the pocket. With both of my guns, I practice with a training round in the chamber. I draw with my trigger finger fully extended along the slide as the gun comes out of the pocket. With the Sig, I also practice thumbing the safety as soon as the gun clears the pocket. I am now totally comfortable carrying either gun in a pocket, but I prefer my Sig. Either way, you can't go wrong.

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    Only guys that have carried primitive true single action guns like the 1911 that
    NEEDS a safety are concerned about safeties on other guns. The reality
    is the other guns cannot fire accidentially unless you intend to fire them.

    The point is you need Double Action at least for the first shot and all of those
    guns are safe to carry with a round in the chamber except for maybe the real old
    double action revolvers with the hammer resting on a primer.

    Some of those double action guns have triggers that are so hard to pull
    you will be more worried about being able to fire them when you WANT to
    than firing when you DONT want to.

    Hope I didnt offend re the "primitive" comment about your Kimber.

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    I carry a Taurus PT-709 with summer cloths, It is a very small 9mm and easy to hide. When I have heavier clothes, I like my Ruger P95. Ruger is smother action but harder to hide

  8. No offense. I will say that I like the idea that you have to cock and lock the unit for it to be ready to use. It is one more step that someone unfamiliar with the gun is not likely to take and end up firing by accident because they were nosing around.


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    Pocket gun w/safety

    It just so happens I just picked up a Taurus 327, 2" barrel, good grips and decent sights. It also has a form of a safety, but it requires carrying a small key on your keychain and can turn the safety manually behind the trigger. It is not any help in an emergency, but it it safe for those that would want that. As for me, I will depend upon my intelligence to be safe.

  10. It would be difficult to accidentally pull the trigger. I have a Bersa 380 with a safety that i never carry, I carry a LCP everyday. The safety for me is not to leave a bullet in the chamber. Since I am new to carrying, this makes me feel safer. But I can't imagine having enough pressure that would pull the trigger on accident. The safety would slow me down. Is it off or on? Too confusing in a tussle.

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    I would recommend a subcompact 9 mm over a 380 given the availability of ammunition.

    I went to a store that had a great sale on some 380s but since ammo is not plentiful, I refrained from purchasing it.

    Tell 'em CDR Glock sent ya!

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