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Thread: Best pocket gun with a safety

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    I strongly recommend the PT709 from Taurus. I also have a PT111, but my favorite is the PT709. At the range, it's an extremely comfortable and fun gun to shoot. In my Kholster IWB with a large T-Shirt I forget I'm carrying and nobody knows I'm carrying.
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    If I am dressed so light that I can only carry a "little" gun. I carry my Cobra 9mm two shot derringer with hollow points in it. I won't have any real accuracy beyond 7ft. But most encounters are that close anyway. The trigger pull is 25lbs. and as per California regulations it is equipped with a safety which I don't use. I leave the safety off, and trigger in half cocked position (which is the usual safety on a revolver) It is a simple design, and preforms flawlessly every time I fire it.

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    I carry a S+W .357 (J-frame) which is hammerless.
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  5. I agree with the other posters and have no issue carrying a gun that doesn't have an external safety.
    But if you must have an external safety you can look at the Beretta Bobcat/Tomcat or their Taurus equivalent in .22, .25 or .32 -- Walther PPK in .380 (or 9x18 clones such as the PA63) and the new Sig P238 for starters.

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    I agree with Capgun. I have a Ruger LCP and the doubleaction trigger makes it more safe to carry in your pocket.

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    I used to carry the LCP, DB380 or my PPK, but awhile back picked up the Sig P238 to add to the rotation and my search is over. Next to my PPK and Kahr it's one of the best shooting .380s out there, IMO anyway. They are pricey though.
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  8. When I need to go light I carry a NAA MiniMag , A mouse gun in the pocket is better than the cannon you left at home.

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    First I would not consider any weapon smaller than a 380 for self defence, the smaller guns 22, 25, 32, will definatly kill somebody but shot placement is too critical with the smaller calibers, and a 380 is marginal, a compact 9mm would be a better choice, also no matter what weapon you end up getting take it to the range run a bunch of ammo thru it 200+ rds try several differant brands of ammo, and then use what ever the gun likes best, and for the record if you must carry a small 380 I prefer the Taurus PT-738 over the Ruger LCP, I have had both, and my wife and I prefered the Taurus over the Ruger, much nicer feeling gun, slide locks back on last shot, the Ruger does not, and noticably less felt recoil, also the Ruger has a noticably longer trigger pull, we have since traded the Ruger for a second Taurus, we both use the little Taurus, for ankle carry as a back up, weather and dress dictate what we use as a main carry weapon, and on the subject of safetys, I would not use it even if the gun had one, you must train yourself to carry this way, I do not know you but its almost for sure you will not think to flip off the safety or remember to rack in a round, in the split second you will have before really needing your weapon

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    Double action only in a pocket holster is a great way to go.
    Less controls= less pocket snags and quicker discharge!

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    Whatever you get, may I suggest it is .40 or larger. A 300 lb is about 18" from surface to vital organs - anything smaller than a .40 won't reach 'em. I know, I know, shot placement - Bull !! Not in the middle of the night and half-asleep.

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