13 in the mag or 14 in the mag? 14th round rattles
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Thread: 13 in the mag or 14 in the mag? 14th round rattles

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    13 in the mag or 14 in the mag? 14th round rattles

    Okay this is a pretty straight forward question but i was looking for opinions on the matter.

    In my S&W Sigma 40 handgun the magazines are designed to carry 14 rounds each and they hold that fine now that they are broke in, but with all the magazines i am having the same problem....

    When loaded with the full 14 rounds in the magazine the mags rattle with one of the rounds in there but with 13 in the magazine it is solid and no rattle. I think it does this with any number of EVEN rounds in the mag but i can't be sure unless i test it.

    My question is, how many of you would feel comfortable carrying 13 of the 14 in the mag to avoid it rattling every time i walk? 13+1 or 14+1?

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    Does the mag rattle when it's in the gun? My mags rattle when fully loaded with 17 rounds on my M&P but I have yet to make them rattle when I"m walking around or even jogging from one spot to the other. But I'd have no trouble just going with one less round. A lot of guns don't even carry that many rounds, especially the compacts.
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    Funny thing i just tried it and it rattles to hell when the mag is out but for some reason it will not rattle when the magazine is in the gun?

    Weird i never thought to try it, so i guess i can load my first magazine 14 rounds but the ones i am carrying on my hip will most likely be 13 because its too much noise to be walking around like i have a half empty pack of tic-tacs on my belt.

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    I have a similar problem with my Keltec P11 mag, which is similar to or the same as a S&W 59 series mag. Mine is a 10 round mag (9mm of course). Any amount over 7 rounds in the mag and it rattles, regardless of weather it is in the gun or not. My particular mag is a Mecgar brand.

    I've been meaning to start a thread about this for quite a while and just never remembered to do so. I was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences, with this brand or any other brand of mag?
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    My Sccy Mag (9mm - Very similar to the P11) also has bullets that rattle when fully loaded.
    The Mag functions properly, so I don't worry about it.
    It does not rattle in the pistol.

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    It still rattles when in the gun now.... Guess i didn't test it long enough. Looks like its going to be 13 + 1 from now on to avoid the rattle while walking.

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