Would it likely make a difference in what type of license I was applying for, (i.e. Concealed carry vs. carry to and from shooting range only, vs. license to purchase for keeping in the home only)?

And I would prefer not to deal with the police in finding out the answers to these questions, what other agencies are there? Heck, I would prefer to pay an attorney to answer all my questions and explain any nuances of the law i didn't understand to me. I was beaten by the police on two separate occasions when I was younger and I was not resisting arrest or anything like that. Granted, I wouldn't have said what I said if I wasn't intoxicated, but the police often look for situations to provoke intoxicated individuals. They beat me with clubs even though they couldn't get me to physically resist them in any way or not obey their commands. So I still have contempt for the police and think they should be overseen by review boards made up partially of civilians. Once they even planted drugs on me because they wanted me to give them info on a person they knew and wanted to arrest so did this to try to get me to talk about him.

So I am not fond of the police and would prefer to get information from other sources. I hope this doesn't discolor people's perception of me here, as I said for the past 15 years of my life i work full time as a counselor helping the mentally ill to work on rehabilitating themselves. I"m one of the good guys and didn't even instigate the police, they were all hopped up because they were called to a domestic party situation and instead of running like most people I stayed there.... and learned the hard way I should have run