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Thread: Looking for good IWB holster.

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    Well I went back and forth between the Crossbreed SuperTuck and the Kholster for my PT709. Finally after enough positive comments on the Kholster, I sent an e-mail to Jimmy. He was helpful and responded quickly. Plus the price was pretty good. Well, the holster is supposed to be delivered tomorrow or Saturday. I'll give you'all an update next week after I've got a lot of hours of wear. Frankly, I think I'll be telling you'all that it's incredibly comfortable. FYI, most folks will tell you that the Crossbreed SuperTuck "looks better". However, Jimmy was able to offer me an IWB holster for my Judge Magnum. It's possible I'll be buying another holster if it lives up to all the hype. In the meantime, I've been using an Uncle Mike's IWB and though it's somewhat comfortable, if I'm wearing it when I am doing chores in the yard, it feels like it's creeping out of the holster.

    UPDATE: Well I received my Kholster holster and began using it. First off, VERY comfortable. Especially compared to some of the smaller leather IWB holsters I've used. I began wearing my holster whenever I could. I wore it all weekend long, while shopping and doing chores around the house. Did I say comfortable? Even in the Gulf humidity of Southeast Texas, this holster was comfortable. The hold of the gun was great. I would highly recommend this holster. When I received the holster, they also provided an opportunity for a 10% discount.

    If you are interested in this holster, their website is - www.kholster.com

    The rebate (discount) code is 06-4534. Once you've ordered the holster, enter the REBATE CODE in the special instructions field during checkout or send them the REBATE CODE in an e-mail. You'll receive a 10% discount form the normal price. I think you'll be satisfied with the product. I found it to be very well built and qualitywise, it was more than I expected.
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    I have carried a Kahr in 9 mm, and a Kahr in .40 for five years now. I have carried them in various holsters, but my favorite has to be the front pocket holster by Andrews Custom Leather.

    I have now just purchased a Para-Ordnance (now Para-USA) model CCW in .45 ACP. I purchased a Ted Blocker DA3 IWB holster and have worn it all day today. Actually this holster comes with clips for OWB, IWB, and IWB super tuck. The last holster clips are a J type clip that are almost invisible on the belt. They go over the pants, but under the belt, then the bottom of the j clips under the belt. I am very impressed. I have my shirt tucked in, the holster on my right hip, and I have asked several friends if they can tell I'm carrying. None could spot it until I put my hands directly over the gun grips. This CCW is not a full size, but I'm told is a Commander sized. It has 4.25" barrel and 7 round magazine. The CCW has the LDA (light double action) trigger, and I absolutely love it. It also has a slide safety which I believe will make it a very safe gun to carry. I have shot it at the range and I can shoot it SO much better than the little Kahrs.

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  4. To the OP, if you have not already made your decision, you may want to consider the CrossBreed MiniTuck for the PF9. I have the MiniTuck for my PF9 and I've literally forgotten that I'm wearing the holster and carrying the gun.

    Not pimping another forum, but you might find a deal on a "second" from Mark at CrossBreed on XDTalk. Try this link: CrossBreed Seconds & BLEMS - XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m) Information Source!

    You have to be a forum member to order but it's well worth the savings.

  5. I've tried a few IWBs. Krammer used to be my hands down favorite until I got my hands on a MIlt Sparks Versa Max II. Now everything else, including the Krammer doesn't even come close. I won't buy anything besides Milt Sparks from now on

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    I'm another SuperTuck Fan - Been carrying in a ST for about a year now, and LOVE it. I just ordered a MiniClip for my LCP too. Anything made by CrossBreed is worth buying IMHO.
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