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  1. Concealed Carry in Atlanta, GA

    I'll be attending a music festival in September in Center Stage on Peachtree Street. I have a handgun carry permit from Tennessee, and Georgia has reciprocal agreements with Tennessee. However, I'm looking through the Georgia carry laws, and they seem a bit confusing:

    1) What does "public gathering" mean?

    It says something to the effect of it being illegal to carry at sporting events or church, but what about a music festival?

    2) What are the laws on bringing guns into an establishment that serves alcohol?

    This festival will be serving alcohol (though I don't intend to drink). It's also directly connected to a restaurant that serves alcohol for consumption on the premises.

    3) Does Georgia have a clause allowing businesses to post "no guns allowed" signs?

    We do that up here in Tennessee. I might have to call Center Stage if they have a no-weapons policy.

    Basically, I was wanting to keep the gun concealed and just have it for the 3/4 mile walk between the establishment and my hotel. I don't want to violate any laws though.

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    Georgia gun laws changing

    Georgia's gun laws are about to change dramatically for the better. SB 291 and SB 308 are awaiting the Governor's signature; each will become law immediately upon being signed. SB 308 will eliminate the confusing "public gatherings" law and replace it with a very narrowly-defined list of specific places off limits to us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight View Post
    1) What does "public gathering" mean?
    That my friend is the question of the decade in GA. As previously stated the law is about to change but for the time being I would be willing to say that a music festival is a public gathering. It is not the place where the event is but the event itself and I personally would say that is a public gathering there fore no carrying unless you fall under one of the exemptions listed in 16-11-130 ie. military or such. If you do fall under one of those listed then that is your ticket to carrying in GA.

    As for places of business there is no opt out option in GA and they can only ask you to leave if they are not comfortable with you carrying there. Also a big diff. between GA and TN is you can carry to a restaurant that sales alcohol as long as you don't drink.

    I personally have carried a few places that are technically illegal per the law how ever I am exempt because I am military and the law says nothing about having to be in the line of duty and the AG agrees with me or me with him per his opinion. BUT when I must go to those places I CONCEAL and when I conceal not even my wife knows that I have it on me unless she asks.
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    Atlanta is not the most gun friendly of cities. Until the new laws take effect it is illegal to carry anywhere that serves alcohol as a primary profit making source. It is legal to carry into restaurants that serve alcohol but not bars (at least not now). Just be careful.

  6. This makes it sound like it must be incredibly frustrating to carry anywhere in Georgia.

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    AL has a similar BS "public gathering" law.

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