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    Quote Originally Posted by GOV5 View Post
    Who is the topofficial in your County? Is it the Sheriff, or a County Judge, or Administrator? Go to them and ask for a copy of the budget, and demand to know where the money went.
    If you really want to shake em up - do an open records request, which has to be answered under law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missoak View Post
    NH. sounds like they have it together. Here in Mi., we have a lot of financial problems, and I really understand all of that. But it seems like they have plenty of $$$ for the stuff they want, but when it comes to law abiding citizens getting their fair share, we get left behind.
    According to the web site for Wayne County, my CPL has been approved. But still no blue card. So I guess I just wait some more. I've done without it for 60 years, so what's a few more weeks ! ?

    It would seem to me, and I don't know much, that the law is the law. If there was a part of the law that wasn't being obeyed, I would be all over the inforcement body to get it done. Granted there are states that have money problems. I believe those problems are mostly self inflicted. A discution for another forum. If there are requirments to meet, under the law, and those are met by you, then the state is neglagent in performing their duties. They took your money, you payed a fee for their services to be performed in a timely fassion. Maybe a proactive approch is in order. Certified letter with C.C. to the aproppreate state offices and/or legal athorities may be in order. Go to that office personally that said your licence was approved and pick it up yourself.
    The money that the state takes for your Licence is suposed to cover the cost of processing/issueing that licence. Like I said previousely, I don't know much, But when it comes to getting a C.C.L. most are just willing to WAIT for their state to get around to issue. research the law in your state, and then hold them to it.It may not take much to get the law changed if you show how much MONEY a "Shall issue" state makes on the timely issue of C.C.L.'s. Imagine the second ammendment takeing a hit because states will not follow their own laws.
    Well that's what I think,,,, But then again, I don't know much!

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    Picked up my cpl today. Took Lenawee county MI 4 1/2 weeks from the day I filled out paperwork.

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    If you want to know were the money is going just take a look at that crook you had for mayor. I hate to tell you this, I am sure you may know it anyway, but the political machine in Detroit may run second only to Chicago when it comes to being corrupt.
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    They need money for the bulldozers.
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