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Thread: Need a good but not expensive belt

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    Personally, I think ‘gun belts’ are somewhat over rated or at the very least, over developed. In fact, some are so thick and solid they actually won’t thread through some holster loops. They add bulk and width to the waist and are not the least bit comfortable. IMHO of course.

    I just received a new holster yesterday and my premium belt was nearly impossible to fit while I almost ruined the holster loops trying to get it on. Likewise, I had to actually take my pants off to remove the damn thing.

    I then laced a normal dress belt through the loops and it was still plenty tight enough while allowing the holster to hug my hips much more uniformly. I would try something a little less high-tech and see it that works. BTW: I noticed that some gun belt makers actually offer ‘normal’ dress belts, so that’s an option as well.

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  3. I agree with Dan here... I use a Duluth Trading belt for work... the "Gets better with age" Leather Work Belt...model...

    It works

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    I think i am going to give the uncle mikes instructor belt a shot. At that price point i can always re-sell it if i don't like it.

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    I ordered the Uncle Mikes belt, i hope it fits i heard a few different things about the sizing so we will just have to wait and see.

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    Nylon belts

    I started with a regular 1.75" nylon belt. It fit the holsters well, and I cinched up the belt nice and tight and it was comfortable. About a month later I noticed that when I took the belt off, it had a curve where the gun rides--apparently the belt was stretching due to the combination of cinching the belt up tight to keep it still vs. the weight of my gun (stainless model).

    I switched to a 3x stitched 1.75" nylon belt (like the Instructor's style) by the same maker of the my first belt and it WORKS GREAT. I don't have to cinch the belt up so snugly, and the stiffness of the belt holds my gun in place all by itself. I have had this belt for 3 mos now, and no apparent stretching.

    I highly recommend the nylon 3-5 stitch belts--they are plenty stiff (yet comfortable), and most cost less than $25.

    If you are getting one with velcro fasteners, make sure you size it correctly or the velcro will be in the wrong place.

    By the way, in lieu of velcro, the cheapest "belt keeper" is a small size binder clip

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    Quote Originally Posted by 901-Memphis View Post
    I still don't know what the pros and cons of the nylon vs leather are, but i found the uncle mikes instructor belt at midway for $25 and i also found a Done Hume B111 leather belt at midway for only $32

    Don Hume B111 Holster Belt 1-3/4" Brass Buckle Leather - MidwayUSA

    I am just wondering about how much i have to spend to get a good bang for the buck. If its worth it to spend $40 on a belt to have it last 5 years instead of $25 to have it only last 2 i would spend more money.
    I got this one 4 month ago , is ok for the money , is already stretching and soft ,, is better you spend $70 1 time than every 6 month buying a new 1

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    I don't know if you guys saw already but i placed my order for the Uncle Mikes instructor belt. It was a hard deal to pass up for $25, so i will use it until i can afford a nicer leather belt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 901-Memphis View Post
    So let me try a new question.... Is there a better leather belt compared to the uncle mikes nylon instructor belt for a similar or not a crazy more price? Lets say around $35-40?
    yes don hume $ 30 free shipping

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    Well that was the kind of advice i was hoping for before i placed my order for the Uncle Mikes.... I hope it works good.

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    Just got my Uncle Mikes in the mail, and its a nice improvement over my cheapo leather belt. When i draw my firearm its not moving any and i actually ordered the right size somehow. It seems to be doing well and i will be open carrying with it today to see how it goes.

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