Need a good but not expensive belt
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Thread: Need a good but not expensive belt

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    Looking 4 belt...UPDATE: Ordered Uncle Mikes Instructor belt

    I am looking at weighing my options for a gun belt to go with my Crossbreed Supertuck i ordered. I was looking at the Crossbreeds gun belt, but at $70 for an extra sized belt, its a tad expensive. If i have to pony up the cash to get a good one like the Crossbreed i will, but i can't afford it now.

    Are there any cheaper options out there that would get the job done just as well?

    I haven't really seen anything cheaper and don't know where to start. Ebay seems like a waste of time unless you happen to find your wasit size in a good used belt, i didn't see many good new choices there and google was a lot of wasted time.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    I use an Uncle Mike's Instructor belt with my Supertuck. Works fine for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    I use an Uncle Mike's Instructor belt with my Supertuck. Works fine for me.
    Hey i just goggled that one and its $25. Thats not bad at all. Can you do better for that price or not much more or is that about it?

    Are leather belts any better than these reinforced nylons or is it the other way around?

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    wolfhunter Guest
    That price is about right.
    There are pros and cons to each type of belt. They are close enough that I based my decision on two factors: Price, and my local store had the Uncle Mike's on his wall rack.

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    That is the problem. Most of the really good gun belts are not cheap.
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    I usually just wear jeans, so is there any disadvantages of the nylon belts that i should be aware about?

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    i just ordered a 5.11 tactical belt to go with my supertuck. it was 26 bucks with shipping. cant beat the price plus its 1.75 inches thick so im hoping it will get the job done. ill let you know how it feels when i get it, but good luck with lookin what will work for you, congrats on the supertuck i love mine more everyday. im sure your gun will thank you for it.

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    I still don't know what the pros and cons of the nylon vs leather are, but i found the uncle mikes instructor belt at midway for $25 and i also found a Done Hume B111 leather belt at midway for only $32

    Don Hume B111 Holster Belt 1-3/4" Brass Buckle Leather - MidwayUSA

    I am just wondering about how much i have to spend to get a good bang for the buck. If its worth it to spend $40 on a belt to have it last 5 years instead of $25 to have it only last 2 i would spend more money.

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    So let me try a new question.... Is there a better leather belt compared to the uncle mikes nylon instructor belt for a similar or not a crazy more price? Lets say around $35-40?

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    wolfhunter Guest
    The difference between the belts come down to personal preference. If you normally dress "business casual" the Instructor-style belts might look out of place.

    My Uncle Mike's is 4+ years old and still looks/wears fine.

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