Some Arizona Counties (particularly Mohave County) were recording information on guns and gun owners when the guns were temporarily stored as a condition for entering the premises. Arizona HB2629 was signed by Governor Brewer on May 11. This bill prevents this practice of de-facto registration. It also clearly eliminates the need to "retreat" when faced by a dangerous threat. Here's some info on the bill:

HB 2629 is a great example of how a few activists can make a big difference. It resulted from Mohave County being overly broad in interpreting the law requiring the storage of firearms when entering public (i.e., government) buildings. It seems a lot of extra record keeping was in place, in effect registering gun owners and their firearms. Fortunately the process was videotaped by concerned citizens and shared with AzCDL and the legislature.

A House bill (HB 2629) was reconstituted by a "strike everything" amendment to address the issue. The new law prohibits a political subdivision from requiring or maintaining any permanent or temporary records related to the storage of firearms that contain descriptions (serial numbers, etc.) of firearms or their owners. The text of HB 2629 can be found here:

Included in HB 2629 is language that clarifies that "A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force…if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act."

The effective date of HB 2629 is July 29, 2010.