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    Thanks for the advice.

    The Sig 1911 RCS Nitron might be a player. 4.2" barrel and a 4.9" grip height. I'll have to look into it more.

    I understand what you're saying about the recoil. A friend of mine has a Kimber Ultra Raptor that I might get a chance to fire and see what I think.

    So far the list looks like:

    Kimber Compact CDP II MSRP $1306.00 27 oz.
    Sig 1911 RCS Nitron MSRP $1318.00 29.5 oz.

    Any other ideas?
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    And just so you know (and you probably do), most gun shops sell under msrp, so you can probably pick up either one for under your spending limit.
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    As far as recoil goes, Kimber and sig both make alot of their compact 1911's with alloy frames. The lighter and shorter the gun, the potential for more recoil exists. Both manufacturers listed above also make a few of their compact models with stainless or steel frames so, if recoil becomes an issue, try one with a steel frame. IMHO I dont think you will have a issue with recoil. The more you shoot it, the less you will notice it. Atleast that is what I have discovered with my little 3 in. Ultra CDP.
    "Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."
    - George Washington

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    I carry my Kimber Ultra CDP II almost always. On occasion I will carry my Spring Field Operater. I prefer the Ultra because its lighter and of course smaller. I am waiting for the Kimber Super Carry Pro to come in and this will be my next purchase. I looked at the Super Carry yesterday in full size and its lighter than my Ultra CDP II. And it felt really good. You may want to look into the Super Carry as its bobbed on end of the Grip. If your concerned about printing that cut should help you out. I carry my 1911's in a Super Tuck do printing isnt an issue for me even with a t-shrit.
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  6. I looked seriously at the Kimber Ultra Carry and finally decide don the Colt Defender. Seems to be a better value for the $$$. It has yet to malfunction on several different brands of ammo.


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    I looked for the Super Carry Ultra on Kimber's website but it doesn't seem to be there. That's odd since there's one for sale on Gunbroker. The Super Carry looks pretty good as well.

    I might just have to give up on the shorter grip height thing and open up the field a little more. My Sig P229R Equinox conceals really well in a Galco Royal Guard IWB and it has a 5.4" height. My XDm-40 also conceals really well in a Super Tuck.

    Maybe I'll just forget about the grip height and stick with the 4" barrel and ambidextrous safety criteria.

    If weight wasn't an issue, the stainless Kimber Pro Raptor II is the best looking 1911 I've seen to date.

    I'll have to start comparing features on all the pistols suggested here so far.

    I appreciate all the feedback.
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    I got one of these you can find them for between $300 and $400 I love mine.
    Armscor.com they make a few different models in the 1911 style
    Rock Island 1911 .45 ACP

  9. I have one of the Armcor Citadels in Officer's size --3.5" barrel with a seven round magazine. I am very happy with it -- it is surprisingly accurate, and one of the lowest priced compact 1911's you can buy. Mine is the Tactical with beavertail, 3 dot sights, etc.
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    First off, many thanks to everyone who replied for your excellent suggestions.

    And the winner was:

    Springfield LW Champion Operator (PX9115LP)

    I just completed the transaction through GunsAmerica. $799, no credit card fee and $20 for 2 day shipping. I really like the features (ambi-safety, rail, night sights, 4" barrel, ect...) and I've read a lot of great reviews as well. I think it's very comparable to the Kimber's for a lot less money.

    Should have it Wednesday and I'll post a range report with photos soon.
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    Para has many models of subcompact 1911's and S&W just came out with a subcompact 1911...hard to find I hear. I personally have the S&W Gunsite Model, which they just stopped making, it's a commander length 1911. I also have a nice Colt Night Officer, 3.5" barrell on a commander frame...so it can take 8 round mags and is very concealable. It's a limited run Colt for Lew Horton and was one of 300 made. I picked it up a year ago and love it.....wearing it now.

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