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    I've been carrying a Kimber SS Ultra Raptor for the past year and have no complaints. Not one single malfunction of any kind. I thought the reduced weight due to the alloy frame and 3 inch barrel would make this 1911 difficult to control but that has not been the case. My last range trip I fired 300 rounds of 230gr FMJ CorBon's and ate the target centerX rings out at 8-10 yards and I wasn't worn out by the recoil. My usual carry ammo is 45 ACP Winchester Ranger Talon 230gr. HP's. Practice and more practice is the key to adjusting from a full sized 1911 to the Ultra Carry.
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    I have the Para-Ordnance "CCW" in .45 ACP. This has a 4.25" barrel, and a 7 shot magazine. It also has the LDA or light double action trigger. I carry it IWB with a Ted Blocker DA3 holster. I really like it.

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