Looking at compact 1911's
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Thread: Looking at compact 1911's

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    Looking at compact 1911's

    I'm thinking of purchasing a compact 1911 for carry purposes. My budget is about $1300. The reason I'm considering a compact is the grip height. I'd prefer a 4" barrel over a 3" because of the slightly increased velocity and greater sight radius.

    I've noticed a lot of "compacts" still have 5" or 5 1/4" grip heights. I think that defeats the purpose. What's the point of a 3" barrel and 5" grip height? The barrel length isn't that much of a concern to me as I carry IWB. I'd rather focus on less chance of printing.

    So, one of the pistols I'm looking at is the Kimber Compact CDP II. It has a lightweight frame, weighs 25 oz. and has a 4.75" grip height.

    Any suggestions of other pistols I may want to consider.

    BTW, I have quite a few firearms; Sig 229, Springfield XDm40, Taurus PT1911, Springfield 1911-A1, and others, so there's no need to suggest "just buy a Glock".
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    I like the Springfield Armory Light Weight Champion Operator.

    Yo'll have a built in rail also. You should be able to find them for under your price range.
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  4. I am not sure of the specs, but I have a Kimber Ultra Carry 45 and I really like it. It is easy to conceal and feels great in my hand. I paid $ 1,100 for mine.



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    I like both of those, but the Kimber only has a 3" barrel and the Springfield is 5.5" tall. Thanks for your replies and keep the suggestions coming.
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  6. Check out the Springfield EMP in 9mm or 40 S&W. I have the 9mm and find it to be my primary carry gun. It is very thin, lightweight and extremely accurate. It is a real pleasure to shoot. 9+1 rounds comes with 3 mags and runs about 1100.00

    If you want something with a little more punch and not quite as expensive, try the Colt Agent or Defender in .45 ACP. 8+1 and very accurate. Also small and lightweight. More recoil than a standard size 1911 due to it smaller size. But still very manageable. It was my primary carry gun until I got the EMP. Runs about 700.00

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    I recently bought the Kimber Compact CDP II and am quite impressed. Light, 4" reliability, officer's frame w/7 shot mag just like the ultra model. Fit/finish above average. One thing that I'd never even heard of before- I went to buzz off too sharp of an edge off the bottom of the MSH and damn if it's not made of plastic! Looks/functions as aluminum, but I don't know about that. I may replace that.

    Even more recently, I came across a Kimber Ultra Super Carry, just sitting in the glass case without a waiting list attached to it. For less than $1300, THAT is one sweet compact 1911. Kimber makes better full size, $2k 1911s, but the super carry is by far the best little one they've ever done. Just broke it in today, as a fatter of mact. No issues with Rem UMC hardball, and so far it likes Golden Sabers, 230 and 185. Will try Gold Dots and Talons next trip.

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    I like the Colts, but we're back to a 3" barrel and I can't find the specs on the grip height.

    I also like the EMP series, but they have a 5" grip height and I'd prefer a .45 acp.

    Also, I forgot to put in my preference for an ambidextrous safety. It's not a deal breaker as I can always add one later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    I like the Springfield Armory Light Weight Champion Operator.

    Yo'll have a built in rail also. You should be able to find them for under your price range.
    Great gun! I don't have one ...yet but may I suggest an EMP.40? I have one of those. Very sweet! Springfield Amory customer service just might be the best in the industry! I know that from experience.

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    If you want a 4in. barrel with a compact grip, I highly recommend looking into Sig Sauer's compact 1911 lineup. I own a full size Sig Revolution STX and I have to say it is the sweetest 1911 I have ever owned. (full size) They have a good selection of compacts to choose from, check em out.

    As far as the Kimber Ultra CDP II, I own one, and it is my primary carry gun. Very very good shooter. I picked mine up for around $1100.
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    Shoot One First

    Just to add to the discussion:

    I shot a small sized Kimber belonging to a friend and did not like the recoil. Don't get me wrong, I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps and do not mind the recoil of the 5" 1911's; it is just not that severe.

    But I found that the compact 1911's have a very small grip and my little finger had nothing to hold onto. Thus, the pistol twisted around in my hand too much making it uncomfortable to shoot.

    There is no doubt that you will find a superb firearm in your price range and what I mentioned may not bother you; but just make sure you are comfortable with the way it will handle.

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