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Thread: Looking for a weak hand fixed blade

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    I looked at the SOG website and was at Dicks Sporting goods and after closer examination they seem to be a good quality knife and kind of expensive.

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    After holding one in person and reading reviews i think i will be going with the Kershaw Tanto Blur i found at my local Walmart for $57, it feels great in hand and the reviews lead it to be a quality piece that will last some abuse.

    Walmart.com: Kershaw Knives Tanto Blur: Hunting

  4. I carry a mini revolver on my weak side for the same purpose and a knife to open packages etc.

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    I stick with cold steel products

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    I carry the Kershaw Whirlwind, and have had it for years. I think they renamed it though, and call it the blur now. Anyway it is an outstanding knife. In fact I have all the Kershaw knives and they are all great. If you can't find what you want. P.M. me as I collect knives. Currently I have on display 200+ of the most sought after knives on the market.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Kershaw E.T. here

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    I prefer pepper spray on the weak side, but I guess both pepper spray and a knife could be on the weak side.

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