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Thread: How OFten do u all practice ?

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    I practice at least once a week.

    I am blessed that I have a fare sized peace of land out in the boonies. I have a couple of targets stands setup at 25yds from my back deck as well as a 8" steel plate swinger.
    What I will do is a combat drill (draw & fire full speed) at the plate. If I score multiple hits on the plate I call it good enough & go in for supper. If I miss I drag out more ammo & hang B27's & get to work. :)

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    Not enough!
    Curt Lovelace
    Bible believing, gun toting pastor
    Acton, Maine

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    I try to shoot at an indoor range, where I'm a member, at least 3 times a month (about 250 rounds per month). I'll take my home defense gun (Nighthawk GRP Recon w/Streamlight TLR-2) one month. Then the next month I'll take my carry gun (Sig P238). About once a month, at home, I practice dry-fire draws using my P238. And occasionally I'll practice withdrawing my GRP Recon and spare loaded mags from a GunVault safe.
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    2-3 times a month with my pistols. 1-2 times a month with my rifles/shotgun. 100-200 rounds each time out.

    Needless to say I buy my ammo in bulk

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    I go out at minimum once a month. I am also a NM CCW Instructor.

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