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Thread: FL - OK to carry on belt in a car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfling68 View Post
    Just one more thing about car carry. WITH CCW, you are ok to carry on your person while concealed in you car.

    Without, the statutes say "securely encased" as talked about above. HOWEVER, I spoke with a LEO about this, and the police are taught the 3 step rule and use it. When I told him what the statutes said, he said I was correct. HOWEVER, he used the 3 step rule, and would arrest me if I didn't follow it. Yes, I would get off at trial, but I would spend the night in jail, I would have to post bail, my gun would be confiscated, I would have to hire a lawyer for my defense, and the gun would reside in their evidence locker and rust while I waited for the trial.

    My advice, if you don't have a permit, use the 3 step rule (3 steps to be able to fire the weapon).

    Now from the LEOs I have talked to, they are very cool about people with permits because we have been trained (I don't think they realize just how little the FL training actually is), but they do not like untrained people carrying. Just my experience YMMV :-)
    Wolfling, Your LEO friend may arrest people who are obeying the law, but the LEOs in my part of Florida don't use or expect others to use a 3 step rule because it is not in the law.

  3. Looks like wolfhunter is out for wolfling

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    Nope, not "out for Wolfling", just a statement. 3 step rules (and I did hear an advocate of a 4 step rule,once) are great, but they are defined arbitrarily and what one person calls 3 steps can be argued as being 2, or possibly 4, steps. So I say to do what the law says is required. If an officer thinks that's not enough, get their supervisor involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nailbane View Post
    I have a permit here in FL. It is not clear if I can carry in a holster on my belt while in a car, or if the gun needs to be in a glove box etc. Any thoughts? Thanks.
    If you have a permit to carry in Florida, you can carry it on your belt totally concealed.

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    Welcome Brandon Gun School to the forum from Tampa Bay Floriduh...

    IF you live in Florida, think about joining the Florida Social group to get notified of local events when they happen. It can be found under "User CP"

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    Excellent book!! I just finished reading it. Lots of great information. You can bet your behind that I will keep his information handy in the rare case I may ever need his help.

    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    You absolutely can carry on your belt in a car with a CCW permit (but the gun needs to remain concealed).

    I would highly recommend that you spend the few dollars (well maybe more than a few) and get the book "Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership" by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. It can be found in most gun stores. It is written by a Florida Attny but is written in plain language so it is easily understood.
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    Oklahoma vehicle carry (in 2000 when i last looked it up) is unloaded, unconcealed, and in a case designed to carry a firearm. That is if you do not have a CCL.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    So, we are just supposed to roll over and submit to whatever the police tell us to do (or not to do), even though our actions are perfectly legal and the police have no authority to "forbid" us to do otherwise? I thought this was America, not Nazi Germany.
    I hope you choose that battle to fight. I don't have the resources. I will happily cheer for anyone who wants to stand up and fight that battle. I never said it was right, just what is, and I said it to save someone some trouble down the road.

    The fact is, our system is far from perfect, and the police have a lot of leeway in what they do. I am not one of those people who can take comfort in knowing I am right, as I sit there in jail waiting for my arraignment, or my bail to post. I will not take comfort as my favorite gun is rusting away in an evidence bag. I am not one to take comfort in my rightness, as a left wing judge decides how I had the weapon stored didn't meet the requirements because he thinks they should be in locked container, not just a secure one.
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