Hey everyone. Sorry for my first post being one that asks for help ... I've been a long-time site user and lurker but never signed up for the forms. I'm going to be taking a trip to GA (to see my brother graduate from basic training) and my current state's permit is not honored there. I've been looking at a PA permit since they are cheap and fast (45 days I've heard).

I've scoured the internet and not come up with much good info. I need an up to date copy of the form and instructions on which counties are the best to use and the proper mailing address to use.

I found one site which has some info on the counties but not much actual useful information. They also have different prices listed for each county but I have been unable to verify any of these prices with the websites for the corresponding counties. I also found a link to the application form but I would like for someone who is familiar with the process to verify that this is up to date.

Firearm/Gun Information for Each Pennsylvania County <-- Limited County Info

http://www.co.westmoreland.pa.us/wes...pplication.pdf <-- Application Form

Thanks in advance!