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    New Hampshire Out Of State

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten their New Hampshire out of State CCP lately and how long did you have to wait? I sent my application of last week and was wondering how long I had to wait. That is if all my paper work is in order and New Hampshire finds me acceptable.

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    When I renewed mine a few months back it took a LONG time. I'll bet it was two-two and a half months!
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    My son sent his in at the same time I renewed mine. It took about a month to get both back and they came at the same time.
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    WOW they are getting slow!! I sent mine in in March. it took 2 weeks mailbox to mailbox

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    i renewed my new hampshire in the end of feb and had it back by the middle to the end of march, it would have been sooner but i did not put my references down on the sheet, i had to fax them in. Its just taking a little bit longer because alot more people are "getting hip" to out of state permits which might enable them to carry in a few more states then their home state permit. The folks that process apps in new hampshire have a little bit more work to do thats all. <-- now that info comes straight from the folks that handle all the applications. you should have it in under 30 days

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    Thanks guys. I guess I need to just sit back and wait. I appreciate all your information.

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    Just an update. I see where my check cleared the bank yesterday. Ten days from the date I sent in the application. I don't know what if anything this means but it's a step. I really don't have a problem with it takeing a month or two, that's still a lot sooner than South Carolina.

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    Last follow up. It came today! Two weeks from the day my check cleared the bank and thirty days from the day I mailed it. That is if my math is accurate, and math is almost as bad as my spelling.

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    About 12 weeks call 603-271-3575 If you get their recording they will tell you what month they are processing. If you leave a message and your phone number they were very good at calling me back.
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    I live in Nevada I have myccw in Nevada and Utah what would I have to do to get New Hampshire

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