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Thread: Most Strategic Way to Maintain/Obtain Permits CT/MA/NY

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    It looks like I'm probably just going to try and find some way to transport my firearm to and from the range legally, with no CCW in NYC. If you're a resident of NYC is there any way that you can go to another county to try and get a NYS CCW permit? It's just amazing that some states make it so easy, and others so hard.
    this is all thanks to people known as politicians.
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    Quote Originally Posted by surfcc View Post
    How much do you value your 2A rights? Are you moving to NYC for work? If it were me.....I'd reside in Stamford, CT and take the short train ride into NYC. While you wouldn't be able to carry while at work, you'd be able to carry while at home in CT. Just a thought.
    It's definitely a thought, but if I changed my CT res permit to a non-res permit, and found some way to get a NYC premises permit (even if it means using an attorney), I'd be able to have my weapon at home, and then take it with me to virtually all surrounding states (except NJ, which, honestly, is a very dirty place anyway :)).

    This would suit my needs, but I'd really like to be able to carry unrestricted in the rest of NY State (namely Westchester). Any humanly possible way to do this while living in NYC? Can NYC issue me a permit that would be unrestricted in NY State, but restricted to premises within in NYC?

  4. I had a NY (Westchester) permit however it was restricted for "Target" only. When I moved to CT I had to write a letter to the Westchester County Clerk Pistol Div. stating I moved and therefore had to terminate my licence. I could not have a non-residents licence.

    Good luck!


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    I live in Ct and hold five ccw permits. Ct,fl,pa,nh,&ut. I am landlocked to carry outside my state that is why I right to Everyone I can to pass the National ccw bill. Join the cause and help support Our Right to carry anywhere!

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    I reside in Suffolk County and currently have my NYS pistol permit, issued by Suffolk County Sherrif. It is classsified as a "sportsman" permit and allows me to carry concealed ONLY while traveling to or from a range, gun club or while hunting. Obtaining a permit for Concealed Carry is darn near impossible considering the draconian restrictions. Anyone have any advice on how to obtain a CCW in Suffolk County?

  7. I live in Erie County, NY and my NYS permit is unrestricted, however on the permit it say that it is not valid for CCW in NY city without special permission of the city, therefore I can't CCW in NYC which is why I try to avoid that wretched place. Good luck trying to get a permit in NYC and if they do issue you one it will probably be restricted and you will only be able to carry it for target/hunting. You're in for an uphill battle, and I truly wish you the best.

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