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Thread: Concealed Carry in Banks.

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    True, concealed means concealed. But that doesn't necessarily make it legal.

    NY state says you can't carry in a bank. My friend was in a bank as it was held up. A cop was there cashing a check and stopped the holdup. But my friend and everyone else in the bank was patted down (firisked). His only comment was, "Thank God I wasn't carrying that day."
    Mea Culpa: I was wrong. I was told by the issuing agent's clerk that carrying in a bank was illegal in NY state, but I asked an expert lawyer who told me that it is not illegal. So I must correct my mistatement. It is legal to carry concealed in a bank in NY state.

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    I live in Kansas, my bank of Credit Union, has a sign posted for no guns plus you have to go into an air lock that will lock you in until you've gone through metal detectors, then the other side of the air lock will open. So, unless I just have to go into the bank, I use the drive through. Too many stick ups I guess...!!!

  4. common sense

    I think in all cases that common sense is the rule here. If your weapon is concealed and you don't call attention to it, no one else will. If you don't feel comfortable with carrying, don't carry it. I'm a disabled veteran and I carry mine everywhere that doesn't have metal detectors.

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    Carry in bank

    I live in Nevada, where we have the open carry law. I carry open most of the time but I also carry concealed. I have A Taurus model 85 that is really small. I have started to carry it instead of my Glock 21. It is a big difference in size and fire power. That said since I have done both no-one has said anything either way. I have also carried in a bar since I go for the food not the drink. No problem their also.

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