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    Cool Ammo suggestions

    Greetings all.

    My better half gave me a Kimber Ultra Carry II for our 25th Anniversary. I was leaning toward Hornady Critical Defense Hollowpoint in 185gr.

    This is my first compact 1911 and was concerned with the higher grain and misfires.

    Any thoughts?


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    Gold Dot Short Barrel Load.

    They make three from 185gr to 230gr.


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    Exclamation Any good quality jacketed hollow point

    Any good quality jacketed hollow point will do the job.
    Here is a good rule of thumb.
    Ask the local Sheriff or State Trooper what they issue as carry ammo.
    This will be an already proven round; It will hold up in court; and you get to make a good connection with the local constitutionally sworn LEO's in the area.

  5. I have to agree that any good quality jacketed hollow point is effective. My personal defense ammo of choice is Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1, which was chosen by the FBI as their primary service round. If it is good enough for their protection, it should work for me.
    Sam Ragsdale

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    For the Ultra 3" barrel I use CorBon 160 gr DPX it is recommended by USA carry.The shorter barrel length needs more power to get the bullet up to speed to expand,hence the lighter bullet weight. I use it in my Kimber Ultra CDP II. In the 5" Kimber Eclipse Custom II I use Winchester PDX1 230 gr.And will be also using it in my Kimber Pro Raptor II stainless that I have on order.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    You did not say what caliber, so I will go with my choices:
    I started looking for speed of the round, but discovered that penetration is the key, although speed can help.
    So I do not use light bullets. - .40 is 180g and .45 is 230g both in JHP of course. In 10mm I use 180g. I don't shoot 9mm - too small.
    Brands: Win SXT Ranger for .40 and .45 - Speer Gold Dot or Georgia Arms which is the same for 10mm. Next choice for any of these calibers is Win PDX, Speer, Win Silver Tip, and for target rounds I go to Walmart.

    Please understand that I am not disagreeing with Les Maynard or any that like speed, but my research indicates some simple facts: you have to get to the vital organs to do damage and for that you have to have not only speed but mass - this is why I shy away from light rounds. And I want the biggest hole I can manage along with good expansion of the JHP hence my choice of Win SXT Ranger since it has excellent expansion qualities (it's the old Talon under a new name). And I prefer the .45 round since it is the biggest I can get with reasonable groupings.
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    Speer Gold Dot , Federal Hydra-Shok, or Winchester Supreme PDX would be my recommendations in that order

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    Kimber recommends 230 gr to ensure proper functioning.

    My Ultra CDP II functions flawlessly with 185 gr bullets. I've got a good supply of Silvertips.

    I'm finding the other comments interesting -- please keep posting you own choices with reasons.
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    Well for a 45 if you need the heavier projectile i would stick with that, i use 155 gr Speer Gold Dot HP in .40 S&W for my self defense rounds, and i even have some Winchester white box 180 gr JHP in .40 that performed good at the range for my backup magazines. I still want to run some more function tests on the Winchester boxes but i ran a 50 box through it without issue.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Full size 1911 .45 = 230 gr Hydra-shocks
    Warthog .45 = 185 gr Hydra-shocks (EDC)
    Hi Point 9mm = 115 gr Gold Dots from Georgia Arms (nightstand pistol)
    Tangfolio 9 mm = 147 gr Hydra-shocks (wife's carry)

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