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Thread: What holster do you use???

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    i cary a Bursa thunder9pro ultra compact and use a Fobus sg-239 paddle holster.
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    I have a few. Depends on the firearm I choose.

    CrossBreed SuperTuck for both the M&P's

    DeSantis Leather OWB's for the Officer's ACP, M&P45 and the revolver.

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    Galco Combat Master for my S&W M&P45. Sometimes I use a Blackhawk Serpa holster.

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    Depends on dress/weather but MOST of the time it's a SuperTuck for both the XD40 and SP101.
    Occasionally use a vest, Thunderwear, the XD Gear holster, and even a fanny pack. Yeah, I have the traditional "box" full of holsters like everyone.

  6. I am blessed to live in an area with MANY leather shops. I just had a custom shoulder holser made for my Kimber about a week ago. It took the guy one day and cost me $ 95.

    He was also able to customize a leather Mike's holser for my small Sig 380 so that I can wear it on a thin leather belt under my jogging shorts during the summer. No more do I need to feel like I am walking with a brick in my pocket! That one cost me all of $ 25. I felt guilty not paying more after I have seen what other holsters go for.


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    Crossbreed Supertuck with the combat cut for my S&W SW40 ; can't imagine having it without the combat cut.

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    I think I have at least a dozen holsters of various types. Depending on which gun I am carrying that day, that's what I'll use.

  9. CrossBreed Supertuck when I want an IWB...during the summer I conceal carry in a 5.11 PUSH pack.
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    Question What holster do you use???

    During the summer months I pocket carry my 709 in a KNJ pocket holster, and my TCP in a Blackhawk #3 pocket carry. During the winter I use a Don Hume JIT Holster for both my 145 & 709, but I continue to carry my TCP in my pocket. (I've tried the bulldog pack that came with the TCP, it's just not me).
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    Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe for my Springfield XDM, 3.8 - 9mm, and Crossbreed Microtuck for my Kahr PM9.

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