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Thread: What holster do you use???

  1. Silver Dollar pancake from Simply Rugged. My first leather holster and it works great and holds securely.

    Leather gun holster, concealed carry holster - Simply Rugged Holsters? - Proudly made in the USA

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    CCW holster

    My primary CCW holster is the SmartCarry. I have purchased several holsters in my quest for the perfect holster. There are times I have felt addicted to purchasing the perfect holster and most reading this can understand that feeling. I had been looking for a holster that would allow me to wear anything I wanted, shirt tucked in or not. Well, this holster is my answer. The ONLY concern I have ever had with the SmartCarry is the ability to draw while seated. BUT I have found through practice that drawing while sitting down is not difficult at all. With practice, anyone can draw in the seated position quite fast. It just takes some time and practice. I carry the Taurus 650 .357 mag revolver, which has no exposed hammer to get caught on clothing during the draw. It is almost impossible to know or see that I am carrying, unless you knew it and was looking for it. The gun is carried in a place that people are usually not starring at, and since I have my shirts tucked in, no one would even dream that I was carrying and this immediately relaxes everyone around me. The other day, I was attending a party at a Harley dealership. I walked by two LEOs and neither even suspected I was carrying. Of course, it would not matter since I have a CCW permit. But, if I can have the general public relaxed around me and not suspect anything, then that keeps the liberals quiet and it might give me an edge when confronted in a criminal assault situation. Also, for any who ride motorcycles, I am a Harley owner. I have ridden my Road King Classic all over God's creation with the SmartCarry and it is very comfortable...so comfortable that it is easy to forget I am carrying at all (SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters). Tactical Tim Schmidt (USCCA) has a nice video on the SmartCarry. This can be found at:
    YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.
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    CrossBreed Supertuck for my XD9-- on-slide clip for my Keltec .38 (when wearing shorts & t-shirt)

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    Just bought a Blackhawk Serpa Concealment holster (carbon fiber) for my Glock 23. It comes with both the paddle and belt loop platform. In the paddle configuration, it holds so securely that you nearly have to get undressed to remove it

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    I have 2 Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro. One for the safe queen M&P9c and my G19. I use them primarily as IWB. They can also be worn OWB but...
    I have a Fist #12 for my G19 that I wear most of the time and a Side Guard that I carry my 3" model 60 in.
    Then there is a Minotaur that is set up for the G26 but I rarely carry it IWB.

    Also a couple of Uncle Mike's and one or two others for the snubbies and at the nightstand or in the car.

    Then there is the box with....

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    I have several different models of Fobus holsters all used on a 511 "Operator belt". the belt is a little pricey but it works excellent and they are tough.

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    I added the Max-Con V IWB to the collection for the Colt Officer's 1911.

    Holsters Concealment Systems Gunleather Concealed Carry for Weapons

    Worth the extra bucks...

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Daily carry is an Alabama Holster High and Tight for my G36.
    From a Marine Sniper -- "you can run but you will just die tired"
    Semper Fi

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  11. I use a Don Bullard Dual carry for IWB and OWB depending on my mood (the belts clips can be reversed) and a Blackhawk Serpa Thigh rig for when I just don't care if you can see my gun or not.

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