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Thread: What holster do you use???

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    I use the Galco Miami Classic for my Glock 22.

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    It depends on what I'm wearing, what I'm carrying & where I am going.
    My Sigma 40v is my usual CC.
    If I am wearing jeans or wearing a jacket I use a Tagua IWB leather holster.
    If I am wearing sweats, or shorts, and even my business suit, I use a Smartcarry deep concealment holster.

    When I use my S&W K frame .357
    I usually open carry because it is a 6" barrel. I use a Safety-Speed Gun Rig.
    I do have an uncle mikes nylon shoulder rig for it, but I rarely use it as it is uncomfortable to carry a cannon under my arm LOL.

  4. For my RIA 1911's, I use a basic Galco paddle holster, but I didn't like the cold plastic against my skin, so I glued a leather shield to it for more comfort. Works for the compact and the full size as well.

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    I have several holsters. Depends on how hot it is getting here in the state with 2 seasons. (winter= hot and summer= holly s*** its hot)

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    Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe.
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    It really depends on the mood, clothing being worn and weather. I have a Crossbreed IWB very nice and comforatable. I probably carry with my Kydex in either Appendix carry or SOB palm out kydex. My wife carry's SOB and appendix with her G30 and her G27. If its cold out I will carry OWB with a shark skin from Wilson Combat for my 1911 which is all I carry. I dont like bulky holsters and prefer kydex because they are thin and comfortable to wear.
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  8. Crossbreed super tuck for my XDM 45 and a blackhawk check-six for my Taurus millenium pro 145

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    Kimber TLE/RL II IWB MTAC or Milt Sparks VMII, Tucker The Answer OWB Serpa
    G30 IWB CBST OWB Serpa
    G22 IWB CBST OWB Serpa

    For the Kimber I use the VMII for more dressy occasions. The rest for casual outings

  10. Mitch Rosen

    My Sig P245, P226-9 & P226-40 ride in a Mitch Rosen Premier, full detail.

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    I use the Cross Breed Supertuck for both my Glock and Sig
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