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Thread: What holster do you use???

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    Quote Originally Posted by glock36 View Post
    I use the Cross Breed Supertuck for both my Glock and Sig
    That company must be aiming for the transvestite market with a name like that.

    Seriously though, anyone used a Galco SOB Small of Back holster?
    I wonder how comfortable it is.

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    SOB holsters are not recommended. If you are knocked down on your back, you'll regret having the weapon there. Riding in a vehicle renders the weapon inaccessible. There are numerous experts that discourage SOB. You can carry just as concealed at 4 O'clock with the right holster. I have a drawer full of holsters just like everybody, and you will likely too find a need for more than one, or buy more than one until you find exactly what works for you. Blade-Tech's Kydex holsters are reasonably priced and durable, and some parts are interchangeable in that you can swap the holster part for multiple guns with the sting ray or tek lock belt attachment.

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    I believe in quality leather holsters for both fit and comfort.

    For my Kel-Tec I use a Triple K Manufacturing Co. IWB form fitted for it.
    If I carry my wife's SP101, I use a Don Hume IWB form fitted holster.

    I used an Uncle M***'s IWB one day and it's been in a drawer ever since.

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  5. multi-holster

    I use several holsters but my all-time favorite is from the Malabar Front. I can carry my Glock 20 with laser and light on the rail inside OR outside the waistband. I have never found a holster that allows me to keep the insight MX-6 attached while wearing inside the waistband. I always buy my pants 2" larger to fit an IWB if I want, and that big piece fits just as easy IWB as my Kimber w/o any attachments.

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    Don't buy that Fobus junk. You get what you pay for.

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    I found the Fobus to be a not so great holster also. I tried one of the paddle models for my M&P45 and was not at all happy with the fit and function. By the time I had the retention loose enough to allow for fast draw the gun was too loose. If the retention was increased a fast draw caused the holster to fold at the top edge of the paddle and tilt outward causing the gun to bind.

    I took it back and traded it for the Blackhawk CQC Serpa. Cost a bit more, but well worth it with the locking feature.
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  8. Man I love your Avatar ( is that what it is called ?) The anti firearms nuts should see it and maybe they could have a change of heart . God Bless .

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    Quote Originally Posted by rich of henderson,nv. View Post
    Man I love your Avatar ( is that what it is called ?) The anti firearms nuts should see it and maybe they could have a change of heart . God Bless .

    It's my Colt. I'll have to update pics. I've added some goodies. Any man that looks long enough at an AR will at some point fall in love...

    Unless they are fully brainwashed, socialism supporting, liberal demonrats. That breed is hopelessly lost...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  10. I carry a 40xdm in either a Shado OWB or a Safariland 6280-14921 (tac lite attached) and a SP101 in .357 in a safariland OWB. In winter when a light jacket can be worn the XDM conceals and is quite confortable.

  11. re: What Holster Do You Use?

    I use the Blackhawk Serpa paddle holster, usually on my strong side, FBI carry. Occasionally, I adjust the cant on the holster and wear it crossdraw. I got into a p***ing match with a nationally known instructor who forbids his students from using the Blackhawk Serpa in his classes. The reason I chose this holster is the postivie retnention feature. When you grip the weapon, you have it in a firing grip, and your index finger presses the release, then as your weapon slides out of the holster, your trigger finger is alongside the frame, as it should be. The NKI stated he felt the Serpa was too prone to negligent discharges. I contacted the head of Front Sight, who ironically, the NKI tried to pull a hostile takeover on, and he stated he saw nothing wrong with the Serpa, stating it was a fine holster. Later on, I was watching Steven Seagal, Lawman one night and Chief Deputy Seagal was preparing to go on duty. Lo and behold, he uses a Blackhawk Serpa. I have not had the slightest trouble with the Serpa through hours and hours of practice in presenting the weapon. My son tried to take the (unloaded) weapon from the holster, and all he did was pick me up by my belt.
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