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Thread: What holster do you use???

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    Safety Harbor, Florida since 2006 Waterloo, New York before 2006.
    I have tried many and for me it is and always will be a Milt Sparks VMII for my 1911's.

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    Cross Breed Super Tuck for my M&P.

  4. Talking Remora holsters

    I was at the Tampa, Florida gun show last weekend and Alan Bogdan from REMORA HOLSTERS had a table setup there and he showed me one of the holsters that they make. That was all it took to convince me and I ended up buying three from them and a few days later I ordered another one online at Remora Concealment and Security Products I have never heard of REMORA before and I wish I would have know before I spent my money and bought all my other holsters. For the way I carry concealed I would say that these are the best, no clips, no belt needed, just tuck anywhere in your waist band, right or left side, front or back and go. I love them.
    Does anyone else here use them? Cheers..

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    I just ordered this oneAttachment 686

  6. Crossbreed SuperTuck and SmartCarry for the Taurii (plural of Taurus?) 1911 and 845

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