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    Cool sparky

    Do I have to retake gun training if my ccw permit expires ?

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    Exclamation In FL you just have to prove you have had training

    Here in the gunshine state you just have to prove with form that is signed by the instructor and notorized that you have had training...or provide proof of military or LEO training like I did.

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    Ya here in Iowa all u have to do is pay the money to renew before your permit expires.

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    West Virginia law

    Quote Originally Posted by cnyeargin View Post
    Do I have to retake gun training if my ccw permit expires ?
    In West Virginia, you would not necessarily have to take a new class, but you may have to produce the certificate from the class you originally took. Although the law is unclear on this, it is possible your sheriff may accept your expired license; call your sheriff and ask.
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    Here in Va., just showing your expired CCW is proof that you have had prior instruction. Atleast, thats all I had to do when mine expired.

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