Whats a good pepper spray?
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Thread: Whats a good pepper spray?

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    Whats a good pepper spray?

    Looking to get some pepper spray and i am wondering what are some good products out there. I don't know whats good and whats not.

    I am looking for something small and durable. It doesn't have to be tiny but i will carry it every day.

    Any recommendations?

  3. Honestly, just about anything out there is going to do the trick. It all stings like a ************.

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    I prefer bleach in a spray bottle, or even better ammonia. That put's um down.

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    Thumbs up I highly recommend the Kimber Pepper Blaster!

    Not only does Kimber make a mighty fine shootin' iron, but they also have an ingenious little contraption called the Pepper Blaster. Basically, it is a small handheld unit that has two charges of extremely potent OC spray. The cool thing about the Pepper Blaster is that the liquid charges are propelled, not by compressed air, but by a pyrotechnic charge (just like a bullet). This results in a big splash of OC spray hitting your face at about 90 miles an hour. Much harder to avoid than the standard canned sprays, less affected by wind, and even wraps around glasses and gets into the eyes.

    My old department was looking into the big brother of this unit for less lethal use (the JPX Jet Protector), but then we ended up moving to tazers. If I had to carry an OC, I would carry the pepper blaster. See here:

    Kimber America Store > Your Search Results

    Be advised that I am NOT a fan of OC. In fact, since you are in TN, I would suggest a tazer instead.
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    Unless I missed a better product out there...... I got the Kimber Pepper blaster for my girls.

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    I'll tell you the ones I have personally used on the street and worked for me. Def-Tec First Defense and Freeze +P. I have used those two brands for a period of several years and was an Instructor with both brands. I never had them fail to work as described when I used them against 2 legged animals. I have also had several live sprays on me in some of the Instructors schools I attended. Believe me when I tell you this. Any of the Law Enforcement quality pepper sprays of OC/CS combination sprays worked well and hurt like hell.:
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    I second the "Freeze +P".... good stuff! Taser is better though...

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    I would second the Kimber blasters. I bought three, two for my girls and one for practice so they know how to use it and how it works. It will surely get the job done and provide enough time to get away for them. Once they turn 21 then they will Conceal carry but until then its Kimber OC Blaster.
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    PepperFoam and PepperGel

    The work great and the stiffer base makes blow back a lot less of a chance...
    I live to use my PepperFoam...Its my go to weapon during non compliance moments...
    Like hitting them with pepper cream pie...
    It is awesome stuff, not sure how small of a container you can get...
    I have it mounted even in my POV...Great for backing people off your car

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    SABRE Pepper Spray

    Many law enforcement departments use SABRE.

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