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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Midnight View Post
    ok, so would I be wrong in saying that any sane person, even a gun grabbing libtard, would think it's completely backwards that our own military isn't allowed to carry weapons on military installations?
    Nor in uniform off-base, either!

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    Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    ... the armory messed up my Marlin 336 while "storing" it.
    The "Armorer" was probably screwing with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    The "Armorer" was probably screwing with it.
    Well, I think they took the thing to the range. I turned them into the armory perfectly clean and scratch free, but got them back scratched up and full of powder residue. Since I was checking out of the Marines when I got them back, some Captain there just told me to hit the road! I wish it had been after 1600 that afternoon, that was when I was officially discharged, I would have told him to go you know what himself!

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    My dad entered navy ROTC in 1943, and when he served in the Philippines in 1945 and 1946, he always carried the sidearm they issued him. Of course, that was before "gun control," in a time when people figured that military officers could be trusted with firearms.

    He commanded an LCT, and when the war was over, the job that he and his crew were given was to dump thousands of handguns, rifles, ammo, jeeps, trucks, shells, and other war materiel into the ocean. The actual work was done by Japanese prisoners of war who had wrongly assumed they would be executed and were happy to be doing anything at all, and by Filipinos who worked for free just to be able to eat U.S. Navy meals on the ship.

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    Interesting thought, Tony.....

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSp8 View Post
    williemartin, I don't think it'd do any good for a Federal law allowing carry on base. The installation commander is still the ultimate authority on that base and too many of them would issue a policy letter saying no carry allowed. I know several other Soldiers that carry concealed here in TX and are just as aggravated at the Army policy.

    Using the same train of logic, would it be possible for an installation's CO to issue a policy letter ALLOWING carry on base? If so, maybe we should be leaning on CO's instead of Senators!
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    Probably so. I'd have to look at the physical security regulation again but if I remember correctly all it calls for is registration of all arms brought onto post. I think is does require Soldiers living in the barracks to store them in the arms room. There is a sign at each gate that states that carrying a firearm is forbidden. I have found an old policy letter, from a couple of CGs ago, that allowed holders of concealed carry permits to carry on post. Since I never found a letter revoking that I guess I could always claim I thought it was still valid.

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    Sign on gate is following a newer policy letter or regulation. Disobey it and your old policy letter is just good for toilet paper. Any policy letter over two commanders old isn't policy anymore, trust me.

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