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    I would consider this holster to be somewhat of a niche-filler. It's probably not intended to be the primary mode of carry for everyone, but I can see its usefulness. The company has been in business for at least 15 years, the holster was originally called the "pager-pal" but then how long has it been since people carried pagers? You don't stay in business for 15+ years unless you produce a quality product, are the governement, or are funded by the government. I see no evidence that the second and third conditions are in effect, so I have to conclude that this company makes a good product. Will their product work for you? I don't know, but they do have a 15 day return policy. If you have the time and funds to spare, try it for two weeks, tell us about your experiences. If it works for you, great! If it does not, you can return it.

    And no I do not work for this company or have an finacial interest in this company other than seeing that they keep AMERICANS employed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armed traveler View Post
    Has anyone had personal experience with the Cell Pal holster for all day carry? Is it comfortable all day? This is the first time I have run accross this holster. Sounds interesting.
    I use the POCKETPAL-380 and find it both comfortable as well as functional, here it is with my Kel-Tec P-32 which is my primary all-around conceal carry loaded with 8 (7+1) .73 gr FMJ:

  4. Super Tuck Holster

    It is a great product and well made but has the same problems as all IWB holsters. Your normal pants size doesn't work too well and the grip of the gun still digs into my side. Haven't found 1 IWB worth buying and I have several different brands and styles including the CompTac. The cell pal allows you the ability to grab a gun, drop it in the holster, drop it in your pants and walk out the door. And no, I don't work for Cell Pal- just tried one at a Gun Show in Ft Lauderdale. Gonna give it a try but like one guy said, they ain't cheap when you have to get all the components. It might just go in the box with the rest of the holsters I don't use. At my age, I don't want stuff mashing my stomach or kidneys anymore and I don't want to have to be a contortionist to carry concealed.

  5. I bought one recently because it looked like a great idea and I wanted to see if it'd work for me. It did NOT. No matter where I positioned it, the bottom of the holster wanted to flare out. It looked like I had a very thick book in my pants. It didn't feel comfortable when I sat down. I sold it for what I paid for it. With very baggy pants it might work, but with regular everyday pants (slacks & jeans) it just did not work.

  6. Cell Pal Holster

    Well, I didn't listen and bought one off Ebay. So far it isn't working. I tried a Sig 250 subcompact, Sig 1911 Compact, Glock 26, Ruger LCP and a Sig 238. The Sig 238 and Ruger might work but heck, they are more comfortable in your pocket. I am going to a Gun Show in the AM and meet the guy that sells them again. His demo certainly works and I want to see why. There is a difference somewhere- don't know if the one they use is longer and lets the gun go further down your leg or what. But the cell holster that came with the holster doesn't fit my phone so I am gonna see if he might swap and I am gonna spend more time watching how he does it and to see if there is any differences in his holster and mine. I haven't given up yet- the concept is too good to walk away. As I found, any gun with a long grip DOES NOT work for me and yet he dropped a full size 1911 down the pants and I sat down with it. Thats why I wanted one.

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    I just have this funny image of me trying to quickly get the gun out of my pants and ending up standing there with a handful of my underwear looking at the BG as he busts out laughing...

    Not good...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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