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    I drive from CO to CA and vice a versa several times a year. Your good through UT and AZ but not in NV or CA. Nevada has open carry in some places but not others and it's very difficult/risky to navigate. They do recognize a FL Non Residence permits though last I checked.
    I used to carry through NV until my FL permit expired. Now I lock it in a hard sided case, separate from the ammo until I get back to friendly ground.
    This is no longer true. NV dropped FL and UT months ago. However, you may carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle as long as it is not "concealed on your person". Glove box, center console, or any container that is not attached to you, as well as in plain view, are legit. Some cities still harass for OC, (not sure which ones) so it might be a good idea to pop it in the console or glove box if you are stopping in, say, Vegas.
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    This is my first post...first time here...working on gettin my conceal and carry for the state of MS... worked on everything from polymer cases for the goverment to frangible ammo for police departments across the reloading for my own use and working on getting my own conceal and carry permit...not really knowing where to start in the state of MS. I love my new Glock 17 and Glock 22 which Ive never used before, just thought it'd be good to start out with, since it's been awhile. I'd appreciate any advice....I do my own reloading on 9's...and loving it. Hope to meet you all soon. Happy shooting!

  4. hello to all

    I'm a newbie. I'll be taking my conealed carry test next Sat the 23rd. kinda exited about it but don't know what to exept.

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    I moved from Florida about three years ago. When I lived there, a CCW permit holder could walk in to a gun store/show and carry his newly purchased handgun out the door.

    The laws may have changed recently, but I doubt it.

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    Missouri. Very friendly gun laws, must issue state, MOST recognized CCW across US. Only issue is Missouri is resident only permits.

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