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    MT laws, questions and understandings

    Ok So I am getting ready to make my trip to MT and after about 4 months of planning and reading of the laws I think I have them down pretty well. Permit required for CC inside city limits and logging camps, no permit for OC. (i have a valid permit)
    1. No CC in a room where alcohol is sold, dispensed AND consumed. (does that mean the bar area of a restaurant has to be completely walled off or are the partial walls good enough?)
    2. No CC in financial institutions.
    3. No firearms on trains
    4. No firearms on school property
    5. Parks are good to go BUT local governments can restrict local park carry.
    6. No CC in a government building weather its local state or federal.
    7. Jails, courthouses and police stations are a no go. (dont plan on going there)

    Now heres a question i got after reading DOJ website. I am an NCO in the USAF

    Active Officers

    Under the federal law, a qualified law enforcement officer is defined as a current employee of a governmental agency who is authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of, or the incarceration of any person for, any violation of law, and who has the statutory powers of arrest. In addition, the law enforcement officer must:
    I am a supervisor and I have the power of arrest of the airmen placed under me and have escorted personal for various reasons per a commanders orders
    * be authorized by the agency to carry a firearm
    I am issued one when I deploy does that count?
    * meet the agency's necessary qualifications to carry a firearm
    I have to qualify every so often per my training requirements
    * be in good standing with the agency
    I am not currently in trouble and have had all good reviews
    * not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    umm duhh?
    * not be prohibited by federal law from carrying a firearm
    I am not a felon.

    Identification required:

    * the photographic identification issued by the governmental agency by which the individual is employed. A badge qualifies as long as it has a photo ID with it.

    In Montana, an officer's P.O.S.T. certification fulfills the requirements of this act.
    Does this mean that an NCO (or higher) in the military falls under there justification for an LEO?
    Law Enforcement Officers

    Federal legislation signed in July 2004 exempts current and retired law enforcement officers from Montana's concealed weapon statute. Any qualified law enforcement officer with proper identification can carry a concealed weapon, overruling state concealed weapons laws to the contrary.
    The only reason I would lean on the LE portion of the law if I were exempt is the same reason I use the military exemption here in GA and that is for the gray or not completely defined areas of the law such as the restaurant carry in MT. Other then the gray area I plan to follow the law as intended by a permit holder or OC if I am OC that day.
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    Are you a Law Enforcement Officer (Do you work for a Law Enforcement Agency?)? If the answer is "No", then you do NOT arrest airmen placed under you. You DETAIN them until a LEO is there to make the arrest. Also, I doubt your command would authorize you to carry in MT if they only issue you a weapon when you go overseas. Therefore, NO, the LEO exemptions don't apply

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