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Thread: Sheriff appeals of gun permits for pot users

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    Quote Originally Posted by KathleenElsie View Post
    If there is a true imbalance that requires small doses of anti-depressents for adults there is no problem.
    As for medicating children for being children I find it is only used for the convience of adults that interact with these children.
    Many of the things we take drugs for can be controlled by educating yourself about the things you want to hide from. We want life to be anything but real.
    The dirty truth is that there is no such documented, proven thing as a chemical imbalance. We (more or less literally) just know chemicals affect people's brains, stick them in a pill and voila now you feel happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post

    I am waiting for the ATF to knock down my door. I admited to using pot.
    I had to save this quote for posterity, I noticed you deleted your original quote, thank you for getting me banned, it was well deserved for asking a question

    don't bother replying I was wrong to take you and your kind off ignore it won't happen again.

    I think discussing illegal activity is against the rules,I'll check!
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