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  1. No carry signs in the Zoo

    Dear All,

    My family and I went to the Cleveland Zoo this afternoon, which we do from time to time because we have an annual pass. I was not worried about needing my sidearm while in the park, but the area that one travels through to get to the zoo is a little rough. Once I put my sidearm on, I prefer not to mess with it unless I have to, so I decided to go ahead and carry it in the park.

    I expected that the rules for carrying in the zoo would be the same as a regular park given that it is part of the Cleveland Metroparks system. I looked for a sign at the entrance, and saw nothing. I noticed that many (not all) of the buildings, though, had "do not carry" signs posted, but I do not believe that they were regulation signs. The decals were only about an inch and a half or two inches in diameter and could easily have been missed. I believe the regulation signs are about 5 inches square.

    My question is, "Is the penalty for being caught carrying in a posted municiple park building (when the park itself is not posted) any different from being caught in a regular place of business that is posted?" I know that you can only be asked to leave a commercial building and it is a nonchargeable event unless you refuse, and then I believe it is only a mistimeanor. I believe that if you are in a government building, however, the penalty can be far greater. I just wondered what others have found in their study in this area.



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    Generally speaking, you are not allowed to carry into any building where govt employees work. This includes admin buildings and the like. Mind you I'm not spouting the actual law wording here. Look it up on the AGs web site.

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    Zoos are not on the list of places you can not carry. So it should not me any diffrent. The buildings posted are like anyother posted building, as for the sze of the sign it is more about can it be seen then size of the sign.
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