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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltcreek View Post
    If you have love handles hanging over, IWB is painful. .
    I am 6'2" and wiegh in around 430 lbs. I have no problem carrying IWB. It is actually very comfortable, and my britches dont hang off my rearend. I carry a springfield xd 9mm with no problems.

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    I'm 5'9" / 180 and my belts take one less hole to buckle with a Kimber CDPII in the Crossbreed Supertuck. Same pants, no prob.

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    My favorite IWB holster is a Kholster. It is very much like the cross breed super tuck but half the price. If you are interested, they are going on sale July 22-25 with their small & medium holsters only $38.50 delivered. go to Kholster if interested. I sure like mine.

  5. I find that some of my pants fit fine IWB and some just don't have any extra room for it. It will be more cost effective to loose a little weight than to replace your wardrobe. Just think you don't have to buy more expensive shorts and pants. You loose weight and will be healthier and save money on food to buy more ammo.


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    As several others have mentioned some pants will work as is and some won't. Your best bet is try all your wardrobe to determine what will or won't work. Tac style pants and shorts (5-11 or Blackhawk) have elastic in the waist which helps, but some are wary of the tactical look. Both companies also make a "Tactical-Non Tactical" style. Some of my regular jeans and shorts work but others don't. Im fortunate that I wear black Warrior Wear Tac. Pants as part of my uniform(Volunteer Paramedic, Firefighter) so most locals think nothing of the look. I carry a G-17 or 19 in a Crossbreed Super tuck. (in the winter A G-37 with CT laser and surefire X200 in a Blade Tec OWB (Heavy winter Clothes) The advice about weight was also very good and I am trying that approach right now since gaining 30 lbs after quitting a 40 yr smoking habit.

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    The losing weight idea is awesome...just as long as you figure that every 15 lbs is roughly one waist size which is conveniently about the amount of extra space you'll need depending on your gun of choice, original pants fit, and any accessories that you are interested in concealing.
    For example, I carry a sig p239 in .40 and a spare mag IWB. I'm highly considering adding a tactical light but would have to carry that owb, lose more weight or buy bigger pants. Also you might want to consider a small allowance for the thickness of your holster.
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    A really good belt goes a long way toward making IWB carry comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD13 View Post
    A really good belt goes a long way toward making IWB carry comfortable.
    The same can be said or written in this case, for a good holster. CrossBreed SuperTuck is a good choice.

    A custom maker I have become a fan of is Gary Brommeland. Holsters Concealment Systems Gunleather Concealed Carry for Weapons

    I have one of his IWB MAX-CON V holsters for my Colt Officer's ACP and it's breaking in very well.
    Also have one of his OWB Mag pouches with the forward cant. Very well made.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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