Derringers at dawn
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Thread: Derringers at dawn

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    Derringers at dawn

    I wonder how many members carry a derringer either regularly or occasionally?

    I carry a American Arms derringer in 9mm. It started as just a hot weather piece when I was wearing shorts & a t-shirt but now I carry it all the time as a backup.

    Its not a size thing. At 6' 4" & 270lbs I can (and have) conceal a full size UZI.

    So if you carry a derringer dont be bashful, lets hear about it!

    Even better, a little gun porn will be appreciated!

    Here are my "lite" carry guns.

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    Sweet!! Nice collection!

    I'm not a big derringer fan but fancy the idea of having one. If I get one it will be a Bond Arms with a trigger guard in .410/.45 Colt. The "Snake Slayer"

    I am also eyeing the "Judge" from Taurus. A friend of mine who happens to be a state trooper has one and loves it. It's not his duty weapon though. He carries it for personal defense when he is not working. For work, it's a Glock 22 in .40 S&W (Golden Sabres) which he also loves.

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    My summer carry is either this Cobra Derringer (9mm) in a pocket holster
    Attachment 584

    or this light weight Kel-Tec (9mm) on the hip
    Attachment 585

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    I had one years ago but not in a long time. It was a 38 special.
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    9MM COBRA Derringer long bore, I carry it all the time. I have both barrels for it, short and long. The black barrel is a stock photo of what it looked like when I got it.

  7. I've used a .32ACP Davis (now Cobra) derringer for concealed carry on occasion for about 15-20 years now. It goes in the front pocket in a custom pocket holster I had made by a local shoe shop owner back when I first got it. I chose the .32 because it is built on a smaller frame than the 38 and 9mm, so it hides better.

    I only use it when I can't carry anything larger because it ain't much but it DOES beat having nothing at all.

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    Every gun safe should have at least one.

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    I just bought a High Standard derringer in .22 wmr. After doing some research I decided it was important for safety reasons to get a double action, and I like the reputation of the High Standards. This will be a BUG for me, but there are times that this or a purse gun are all I can carry, and this should be easier to draw.


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    kb8uvm, I like that holster you have on your Cobra. What is it?

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    Fondis Firearms ,

    I couldn't find a holster that I liked for the Cobra so I made a couple holsters myself.

    Here's a pic of the holster I use for the Cobra when I'm driving (cross draw), it works out pretty good when I'm on the motorcycle.
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