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    i finally after waiting over a year recieved my permit and 1st pistol. im only slightly confused as to how the restrictions work. hunting/target...? so can i carry... not carry...only going to the range..? i just cant seem to figure out how this works. is it different if i drive into another county..?

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    your restrictions apply all over the state. different sources have different answers. I think they would like you to keep it in a box unloaded out of your reach while transporting. get it amended to include hiking if they won't amend it for full carry, either way you are covered a little more.
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    Other than NYC, a restricted permit allows you to carry while going to a range or while hunting. Yes, you can go to other counties, except NYC.

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    Congrats Smarky6969 I applied for Conceal Carry I was told 6 to8 months and was shocked that I was approved in 6 weeks Erie County

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