Thanks for all the replies.

Yes, the CCW classes in Ohio are mandated to have 2 hours of range time(live fire). Yes, I do realize that I have to alert the officer to the fact I am carrying. I am not interested in carrying a gun as much as I am concerned with carrying one in my vehicle leagally loaded. I travel quite a bit and feel I am most vulnerable in my car.

I will attempt to get the Ohio CCW first, but a non expungeable misdemeanor from 17 years ago may prevent me from getting an Ohio CCW. Hence the reason for getting a Florida CCW. My friend with an almost identical situation was denied an Ohio CCW.

I have gotten a "relief of disability" granted from the offending court, but I still get flagged by Nics when purchasing a gun. I end up getting a proceed, but it is usually delayed a few hours to a day. I have also sent in my info to the FBI to get a # to prevent this in the future, but they are so backed up, it currently takes136 days.