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Thread: Carry at work?

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    Carry at work?

    I had a quick question for those that C-Carry in CC friendly states how many out there carry there firearm to work? I am a new CCW permit holder and live in WI where I can't carry anyway, but some day (hopefully soon) I will have the option or when I travel to other states for work, I will be able to carry at the workplace. Any input is welcome.

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    Employers can prohibit weapons in the workplace, although this may vary by state.

    This is similar to businesses posting signs disallowing firearms.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    In TX an employer can prohibit.

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    NC is an open carry state and I do 24/7. CC at church/social gatherings/etc. I live very close to SC and hoping they will vote favorably on open carry very soon.

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    Sure i have carried at work before

    But i would probably be fired for doing so even though i cant' find it in the handbook

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    work place shootings

    It might be a good idea for every workplace to have an office that contiains a firearm. The whereabouts of this firearm would be known to only a select few.

    With the recent outbreak of workplace, and school shootings, IMO, something has to be done.

    The cops will not go in untill they are able to in force. This takes a great deal of time.

    In the meantime, the perp is walking about putting bullets into inocent people. I read during the beer warehouse shooting one of the managers tried to run down the perp with a golf cart. He was shot for his efforts. IMO, a Mossberg pump might be a better solution.

    Total firearm confiscation will never work here in the USA.

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    Prohibited in many workspaces in VA, more so the closer you get to Washington DC - many businesses have contracts with Department of Defense (DoD) which restricts firearms.

    We are waiting for legislation that allows us to store our firearms in our vehicles that are parked in the employer's parking lots!

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