CCW, and Legal, marijuana
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Thread: CCW, and Legal, marijuana

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    CCW, and Legal, marijuana

    I am looking for an anwer that a student of mine asked,Will there be a problem getting a CCW/CPL if he is a LEGAL marijuana user? I am a NRA instructor in Michigan. I would believe it would be the same as drinking and carrying. Please advise me,thanks,Austin

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    I know that as recently as July this year an Oregon sheriff has a case pending against him because he denied a permit to a legal marijuana user. I don't know what the outcome will be or if it will affect any other states. Personally, I think it will come down the same as alcohol use.

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    If you are a pothead, federal law prohibits you from owning a gun in the first place!


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    I think it would come down to a case by case basis. That being said here is a link to the reasons why some would legally use marijuana : Medical Reasons to Use Marijuana - OrganizedWisdom Health My own feelings about it, if someone needs it as medical treatment, then it should be available to them.

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