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    Quote Originally Posted by liquidr1 View Post
    My glock 27 will be my EDC in a crossbreed supertuck deluxe. Still waiting on the permit.
    I have been thinking about getting a G27 to use in an ankle holster to match my G22. One good Glock deserves another.

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    Nice to read of the anticipation, as for me applied 2 weeks ago here in OH, Miami Co. could take up to the full 45 "business" days....., hubby went to Clark Co, as it is more convenient for him with work and he just applied last tuesday so he expects to get his within another week. Not so sure I want to OC...

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    52 days and still counting.

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    I have a non-resident Utah and it took about 3months for me to get it. Maybe a little longer

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    Folks, just get a Florida. Good for seven years, got mine in 8 days.

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    73 days today. still no permit.

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    Open Carry

    Welcome, go on get that 38. And start open carrying. Get use to you weapon. Carry On. Also befor you do study your state's laws on Open Carry. Carry On.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquidr1 View Post
    73 days today. still no permit.
    The approval period differs from county to county in this state, although your Sheriff has to issue your permit within 90 days if you pass the background investigation. It took mine two weeks to be approved and cleared for issue this past year in Granville Co.
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    I got lucky when I got mine. I know some of the good ppl that work at the treasurers office here and told them what I was doing. I was going on vacation to FL and wanted to be able to carry. They told me that they only mail the apps in once a month and I needed to met it in buy the 25 of the month. It worked out great got my permit in 14 days. My permit was a renewal but my friend put in for his the same day cause I told him about the mailing thing and he got his at the same time.

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    Not sure on your state specific laws mostly because most of yall seem to be from carolinas or FL but I know for my states a non res permit from another state does you no good in your state of resident unless you have a permit for your said state. Sometimes its quicker to get a non-res for other states but that dont make them good in your home state. Something to think about and dont quote me on your state but its worth checking it out. After all you dont wanna wait all this time to find out your still not legal.

    This may not be the case but its what it sounded like to me as I read through the thread. btw when I say my states GA and TN.
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