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Thread: CCW Permit Badge and Holder R They Legal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD40scinNC View Post
    ....The "wanna-be's" that view the fact they are armed as some kind of authority (think George Zimmerman patrolling his neighborhood) ....
    Zimmerman was patrolling because he was in the neighborhood watch, not because he had a CCW license. The NW does patrols here too (just moved to Alabama). Don't know if they carry when they patrol, or if they even have licenses, but I'd carry if I did that.

    100% agree that a CCW badge has no legal significance and serves no appreciable purpose. From speaking to the many cops I know, or knew before I moved, they consider it a joke too. Many also feel it could be dangerous to give the wrong impression to a responding officer. I personally feel it's a bad idea.

    I've been away for a while, but did you just move too? Noticed your username changed.
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    In Ohio they're "legal"... and COMPLETELY WORTHLESS.

    They in no way meet the ID or notification requirements.

    You might as well hang a dead pigeon around your neck for all he good it would do you.

  4. CCW Badge is NOT Legal.
    It shows the person who has one is Uneducated about CCW.

    Youíre just asking for trouble if you carry a badge. Hell I donít even carry my Firefighter Badge.

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  5. It's a fine line between carrying any badge and being guilty (and charged) for impersonating a police officer. No good reason to carry a CC badge. You have the permit in your billfold if proof is needed. Otherwise, you're just some wantabe that will eventually get you in trouble. One day I was a cop with a badge; the next day no legal credentials showing that I had been one for 13 years. Don't try to be something that you're not.

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