The Best Permit (In Terms of Reciprocity)
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Thread: The Best Permit (In Terms of Reciprocity)

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    Question The Best Permit (In Terms of Reciprocity)

    As we all know, the federal government has turned a deaf ear to any requests for a U.S. recip law. I guess they don't want the crime rate to decrease?

    I find it so funny how people rant about law enforcement, then when something unjust happens to them those same people look for help... and who do they look to? Usually it's the police! At the same time, law enforcement seems to be the "in" thing with most of the major TV networks. Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, even the CIA and FBI have their own programs. The ATF will be next! Seems to be just one big hypocrisy.

    OK, to the subject of this post:
    I've been looking at the recip maps. I currently own a New York concealed carry permit. However, the only place I can see that I can legally drive to while carrying is Vermont. It looks like Louisiana permits are the best because they are honored by most of the lower 48, including Alaska.

    Is there a reciprocally better state than Louisiana? (Did I say that right? )
    Does Louisiana offer a non-resident permit?
    If I were to get a non-resident permit from Louisiana would that authorize me to carry in those states?

    Perfect plan right?
    Freedom isn't free.

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    Louisiana does not offer a non-resident license. From my research, it appears that Utah and Florida non-resident licenses are the two best. Which one is right for you depends on which states you will be visiting.

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    Hi, thanks for clearing that up for me! Florida looks like the better one. Do the laws differ from state to state on how you can carry while driving? I mean, here in upstate New York, when driving my pistol is just in my holster on my side.

    Let's say I get a Florida non-res permit and I drive to Montana going through ONLY the states that honor my permit. Would I be able to carry in my holster while driving?
    Freedom isn't free.

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    My plan is to drive cross country from New York to Washington and back. Not sure when, but it would probably be a good idea to have a gun for safety as I don't really know what to expect.
    Freedom isn't free.

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    You will have to follow the laws for the state that you are in. For example, in Texas you can carry a concealed weapon in your vehicle regardless if you have a license or not. I would suggest researching the laws within each state that you will be driving through, not only for within the vehicle, but also out of the vehicle (in case you have to use the weapon). Know the laws.

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    I would not wander into Canada while taking your northern route. Reciprosity will be the least of your troubles.

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    Check out the reciprocity maps on this site. They are quite helpful.
    There are a few resident permits that cover more states than Utah and Florida, but you would be required to move to that state!

    Like mentioned before, check to see what each state will allow.
    Remember too, that folks with out of state license plates may be stopped more often.....
    My aunt from Pennsylvania recently got stopped in New Mexico for going 72 in a 65 zone. Yes, it's over the speed limit, but they win if they want to play it in a black and white way. I do 70 in a 65 zone in New Jersey all the time...
    Be sure you are aware of the requirements for automobile carry for states including Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa (unitl 2011?), Kansas and a few others, that may not have common reciprocity with other states. Some "lock-up" procedures may be required.

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    Florida and Utah are both good states to get nonresident permits from. Remember that some states DO NOT accept any nonresident permits from other states. These include Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, Michigan, Maine and New Hampshire.
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    Thanks for the replies all. I've been looking at the recip maps on this site. Are they up to date? I wasn't planning on driving through Canada! haha! I would be swinging down through Tennesee, Missouri, Kansas and up through Nebraska and then on the way back cut through Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas etc... something like that. I'm not sure the exact route. I guess it would be dictated solely on where the permit was accepted.
    Freedom isn't free.

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