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    xd sc too bulky? do you carry IWB or OWB? I would think almost any firearm carried OWB for cc would have a bulge under a t-shirt depending on how tight the T-shirt is. I CC IWB and no I dont wear baggy clothes just relax fitted jeans or shorts that cover my knee caps. I carry a SW99 IWB or my XD40 OWB OC or "bulge carry" as someone else coined. it should be noted that I have carried my XD IWB but with it being single action and the safety being on the grip I prefer to see the holster as I holster it. (i carry chambered only)
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    ++1 on 1911's. I have a Springfield 1911 G.I. 5" and carry SOB or shoulder. SOB never prints as I always wear my shirt out. Shoulder is on the outside of a Tee with a covering shirt open covering the weapon. My girth supports concealment under my left arm. Weapon is parallel to the ground verses vertical. C & L ALWAYS-It's what it's made for! Good luck, it's not like there isn't a thousand of choices out there.
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    I would recommend the following:

    Kel-Tec PF9 and P11 9mm cal. (small, slim, reliable and ecomonical).
    Taurus slim 709 9mm cal. (small, slim, reliable and economical).
    Khar PM9 9mm cal. (small, slim and reliable expensive).
    khar also makes some economical models in the CW line.

    Sig P239 SAS 2 gen is also a favorite because of the carry melt on it. love the feel of it

    I carry any one of the 4 depending on my work day.

    Get a good gun belt and a good holster (galco, crossbreed, etc) and you will be set.

    Now if I want to to go to a place in style, well I pull my kimber pro CDPII or springfield EMP 40.

    Almost forgot. if you are going to carry IWB you need to get pants and a belt that is about 1" or 2" bigger so you can carry the holster and gun comfortable
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by erock33 View Post
    I am looking for a good, reliable thin profile CC pistol. I currently have a Springfield Sub XD 9mm but, to me it so too thick to fully conceal. I can easily see a bulge uder my shirt when I have it . I guess I am just wondering if any company makes a nice THIN and easily concealable 9 or 40 or 45 that actually can be concealed in just jeans with a shirt covering it? Any suggestions?
    where are you positioning it and what holster you using

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    kel-Tec PF-9. Thin, reliable. Repeatable.

  7. All good information and many thanks for the input. I carry the xd sub or tried in the crossbreed supertuck and while that is a decent holster it just does not fit me comfortably at all and I have to carry it so low (below my belt line) just to conceal it well, which completely negates any benefit for a quick draw if needed. I do have an S&W .38 special which is relatively easy to conceal but I was looking for something that carried a little more ammo rather than just the 5 in the .38. Everyone has given some great options which I will explore extensively and pass along any info relevant that I find. Many thanks.

  8. a Kahr PM9 is easily concealable under a shirt or in the pocket. Also consider the Kahr CW9 and CW45. I have these 3 weapons and trust all of them. I, too, had an xd9sc and an xd45c, but they weren't the best carry options IMO. The Kahrs carry much easier and are better at peekaboo, too.

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    Maybe its how your dressing. Its going to be hard to conceal with just a t-shirt. Are you wearing like polo shirts or just a single t-shirt? I conceal pretty easy with 1 undershirt and a polo shirt on top. Ofcourse i buy X-Tall shirts to help cover everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 901-Memphis View Post
    Maybe its how your dressing. Its going to be hard to conceal with just a t-shirt. Are you wearing like polo shirts or just a single t-shirt? I conceal pretty easy with 1 undershirt and a polo shirt on top. Ofcourse i buy X-Tall shirts to help cover everything.

    +1 What he said...I do the same.

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    I don't know much about Walther's but the PPS looks like it might be what you're looking for. Comes in 9mm and .40 - 0.91 inches wide. Accepts 6, 7, or 8 round mags - extended mags act as grip extenders instead of just sticking out the bottom.

    Walther PPS - Police Pistol Slim
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